Sunday, 11 June 2017

The best compliment ever!

So we are off to Jaipur. All packed up and in our cab.

I worry because we have so many little stops, I have to pick up a jacket from my tailor, and most importantly I need to pick up the yummiest cake for the hubby's birthday. So basically its a super long drive from home to bandra to the international airport for our Jet flight. 

I sat in the front, since I'm trying to keep a little distance from the bumbling, and he sat at the back with the nanny.

Now all through the drive he had a million questions:

What is this, what is that, who made that building, what is that building..

Is it going to rain, is that cloud full of rain since its so black, how does it rain,

What is that thing on the building, what is an antenna, but I thought satellites were only up in space,

How come this aunty makes cakes from her house, doesn't she need to have a bakery shop, isn't it amazing then mumma that she makes them from home..

and each question to the best of my knowledge I kept answering. Simplifying things so that he gets it, giving him examples of things that he can relate to so that he understands. If I didn't know something, I would tell him honestly, baby I'm not sure, but I can check and let you know.

Once we picked up the cake and got back into the car, he tells the driver " please ab airport le lena bhaiya"

"Which airport would you like to go to sir"

"The international airport please"

"Sure Sir"

"Actually, we are going to jaipur bhaiyya, but this jet flight that we take is the only one that goes from the international airport"

"Oh ok Sir"

Yup! Thats the conversation, in good english on both their parts, between the driver and siddy!

When we reached the airport, the driver, Shoeb, asked me how old Siddy was.

"He's Four"

"What great questions he asks at four ma'am. He's a very smart child"

"Thank you! yes, he's a very curious kid"

"He is because of you ma'am. you answer his questions so patiently without getting irritated at all. Thats why he is happy to ask more and more questions. I see some mothers who ask the child the stop asking them questions because they don't want to answer them and they get annoyed with child. I feel the children will one day then just stop asking questions which is just not good."

"Thank you"

My cheeks are red blushing now.... to be complimented on being a good parent- nothing can match that. Not how good you look, how smart you are, how well you run your business.

To be told you are raising a good, intelligent kid who doesn't fear asking questions- nothing can beat that. Its the best compliment ever!

I thank Shoeb and give him a five star rating, not just for the compliment but also for being so patient with us and my many little stops!

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