Sunday, 20 April 2014

LAsT TWo WeEkS Of mY LiFe...

Monday: decided to properly launch The Happy People Store with two exhibitions ...

Tuesday: Bumling develops mysterious rashes.... fear of chicken pox makes us run to the doctor.... apparently its a viral rash... "but he hasn't had a fever" we say... "no worries still a viral rash" he says... gives us some ointment and syrup..."two three days he'll be fine"

Wednesday: Lists have been made... raw material is bought...

Thursday: Mum has a rash too... and so do I a little, hmmmmm we've had no fever either. Cranky baby on hand... no work done :(

Friday: Dinner with oldest of friends... So i try to work as much as I can during the day... Hubby takes me on a special post dinner date for malai and ice cream from Hajji Ali, and finally after ten years together for the first time we go to a sea front and sit there!!! Sleep at 2:00!

Saturday: nervous break down starts to set in..... drive husband mad to help me sort things out... He helps me make my lists, takes me shopping for more material.... breaks things down in order of how i should do it... But I'm fully loosing it......But favorite DJ is playing a Bonobo.... so I go... maybe  a change of pace is what I need.... can't work saturday night anyways right?

Sunday: rashes haven't gone down... :( Slightly panicky... brother and wife come a visiting... we spend the whole day with little bumling.... Did I tell you he's walking? yup... unsupported.... looks like a mini zombie if you ask me ( ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) but that means he will not sit for a second.... He must be in every room inspecting everything .... I decide to work at night considering I have less than a week left... But had a close friend's birthday to go to... So we slept at 2:00 again..

Monday: We visit another doctor... same diagnosis same treatment...He's happy adn playing most of the time... Just gets a bit cranky during the day time... But unfortunately his schedule has gone for a toss... so instead of those great 3:00 pm naps in the afternoons he takes on at 6:30 sometimes 7:00 pm and then he's up till 12:00...Tonight he decided to just not sleep... He was mad sleepy.... rolling around in bed (read: on my face!!) but still refused to sleep.... I tried feeding him, patting him, singing to him... nope.... and because he was slightly irritable because of the rash he was kinda clingy... So even his daddy or my mommy couldn't help :( and I wanted to be as calm as possible because  I never want to remove my stress on him... i've chosen to work and thats my thing to deal with... and its what comes after him always.... but post his knocking out I worked.... Slept at 3:30.... watched Perks of being a Wallflower!

Tuesday: Nervous break down is now on a downslide i think... lets see-  happy boxes, micro mini happy boxes... garlands.... cupcakes and ice cream cone... I don't have enough wool  ( i never have enough wool!) I'm cutting sticking, embroidering stitching, using my hot glue gun like a weapon.... By 12:30 this night I loose it.... Decide to cancel everything.... maybe being a working mom isn't for me... I decide to delete my facebook page, shut down my website.... give it all up......In all that I decide to also pick a fight with the hubby... and go all ballistic on him... thankfully he knows how to calm me down without going mad himself ( the only reason we are still together!!) convinces me to go to sleep tonight and work peacefully with a clear head the next day...

Wednesday: I wake up and immediately get to work... in between making his lunch and breakfast, I cut this and glue that... and I actually magically have one happy box ready by the time he is ready to leave for work!! This is a good day... lots gets done.... Siddy is much better.... he has his ups and downs... Did I tell you he now has teeth? yayie!!!! three ... one on top and two razor sharp ones in the more cute munching on my fingers with his gums...nope...Now I have dents from his teeth!! I finish the whole lot today... and by the end of it... I'm happy with what I had got done...

Thursday: My first showing - at Sameera's house.... It was great! I met someone who could really help me with what I do... and for me thats a great day...sales were alright but exposure was great!
I head home and make some more things but sleep early becasue tomorrow is a big day too...

Friday: Villa 69.

Morning I panic again.... I pack everything I have but keep thinking its less..... last minute glue gunning... last minute stitching.... I actually make two lamps in all that madness.... Mom and I make the most awesome name board for our companies.... so last minute but pure genius! Total confusion because we suddenly realise we have one car, four suitcases, two big carry bags, one pram two handbags and a bumling.... I beg aadi to leave work early.... he figures something out and says he can come for a bit to just drop us.... but luckily akshai drops by with his car and says he'll take us... So again i tell aadi to chill... then we wait for akshai to come... load up the cars and rush... Rush I say because we end up leaving the house at 4:30 for  a show that starts at 5:00... its the fastest set up I have done in my life..... There was a moment when I kept Siddy in a pram and mom and me were quickly setting up our stuff and he looked so confused poor thing!!!

The night was amazing... I met so many people... they loved my stuff..they bought my stuff.... it was all so unreal.... Siddy of course became a community baby... every girl... friend or new acquaintance wanted to walk around with him and he loved it!! In fact a girl from one of the other stalls actually asked my friend.."who's baby is this? I've seen him with so many girls today!!!!" ha ha ha!!

So Happy People is out there... looks like I'm not quitting it.... but I have to admit... its going to be tough... there will be days I'll go so mad I'll want to give it all up again... but then I remember that as much as this thing, this little cutie pie makes me happy... working and doing my thing makes me happy... i simply have to find my balance with both... Take up as much as I can manage... never more than I can chew... and always always remember that at any point... at the craziest maddest point... Siddy comes first no matter what!

At Sameera's place :)

At Villa 69

Micro Mini Happy Boxes - Sold out!!

I think I'll become a minion myself soon!!!

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