Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Picnic :) And A Sprained Shoulder :(

Everyone tells you about the backaches and leg aches and well eventually the headaches the baby is going to cause you... but the ache that surprised me most was the ache in my arms and shoulders...:(

When bumling was little and I was breastfeeding him.... holding him in my arms for up to an hour would kill my arms... I mean he looks all tiny but man was he heavy....!!! A few of my friend's gifted me a feeding pillow... I highly recommend it... it works like a charm, you have your arms free (to blog, in my case!!) and the baby is comfortable as well. For some stupid reason I didn't use it initially, i guess I simply forgot all about it, but once i did... happiness!

Once I was done with breastfeeding, my mind went back to all the other pains my body was going thru... the lower back being the worst.... but I kept telling myself at least no arms will pain henceforth!

Cut to one year later.... I decide to take little siddy for a picnic lunch in alibaug.... his first boat ride i think... his first beach i think.... what fun lets do it... over-adventurous- mom -who -hasn't -left -the -house -for -a -long -long -while!!

So we pack up his bag, my mum and me, and drive off to the Gateway of India to catch the speed boat.  Very apt name... speed boat... I felt like any minute now we were going to take off!!!

Siddy didn't care much... initially the breeze irritated him and finally the swaying of the boat knocked him off to sleep.

Now where we went for lunch was one of mum's friend's friend's house... and unfortunately it wasn't a beach front house so no first beach experience for bumling... also it was kind of a formal lunch which we didn't know exactly.... So he turned out to be the only baby there....

Here is the part when my arms started giving way... because he just wouldn't sit. Not for one second... he wanted to explore the whole garden.. every plant was scrutinised, every waiter was met, every stone was, literally, unturned.... and because it was a formal do, I couldn't just let him crawl around so I had to walk with him every where.... And hold his tiny hands so he doesn't fall... Pulling him before he picks a glass, tugging him away from the big chinese vases they had all around the house, yanking him before he knocked all the little crystals from the table, picking him up when he was just not ready to move and I had to get him out of someone's way...

Also because it would have been inconvenient to carry his pram all the way... i was carrying him and walking with him everywhere... from our car to the boat from the boat to the car... to the house we went for lunch... around when he was super fidgety... mum was a lot of help but she also had to sit with the hostess and her friends... So mainly it was just us.... '

Finally we left... the boat ride back was better because he stayed awake and was mesmerised by the ocean and all the ships that (luckily) he stayed in one place!

But oh that car ride back... I was in tears!! Because by then my shoulder sprain had happened... and it was tough for me to carry him.... and holding him steady in the car was impossible.... it was either the volume button or the AC or the windows or the glove compartment, or he wanted to play with mum, who was driving, or he wanted to see what was happening in the backseat (absolutely nothing but we must check it out every fifteen minutes or so) ... non stop... I mean really aren't you tired? You just drove from versova to colaba took a boat to alibaug walked around a huge garden then back again by boat ... you got to be exhausted?


He didn't sleep at all!! The last he slept was in the boat ride to alibaug... thats it!

phew... its the next day and my arm still hurts...

So everyone out there with the back aches and leg aches and head aches.... come one year of age... come 'I can walk everywhere' stage... come arm and shoulder aches for you!!!!

Ps:They say this is the stage when you loose your pregnancy weight, for those like me who look like they still have the little one's toys left behind in her tummy!!!

pps: there was such delicious looking typical marathi food at this place but i could hardly taste it because I had to run behind the monkey.... but I just put that down to the loosing weight bit and smile about it!!!

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