Tuesday, 8 April 2014

THe pArk StoRiEs!

Siddy loves loves loves the park!

And now he knows that post his afternoon nap we must go 'ba ba'!! 

It mainly started because his vitamin levels were low.. And the doc suggested sunlight... I know I know the morning sun is the best... But we have too much going on in the mornings... So evenings it is... 

The park is close by to home... We take an auto for the short distance because the roads are horrible to stroll his pram...

There is one small park and one big one divided by a gate. The small one has one slide and a small pathway but it also has a well full of fish and turtles!!! The big park has a big walk way for serious walkers, slides and swings and see saws and bars to hang from... 

So depending on our mood and the few friends we have made at the parks we choose one or the other...

The first day I took him he was in his pram... I put him down in the grass but he didn't care much...But slowly in a few days he loved it so much I stopped getting the pram to the park!!

He loves watching all the other kids... bumling is the little observer kid... he will look at them play and run and laugh... he will watch their parents run around with them... its too cute the way he looks around at everyone...

After a few days I started putting him on the slide... I held him... and he loved it!!! He keeps pointing to the slide over and over again... and it ain't easy putting him up and sliding him down!! But because he loves it so much I do it... and I get to work out my arms in the bargain so win win!!! ha ha!!

We even tried the see saw... first time there wasn't anyone on the other side...So I simply held him with one hand and pushed the see saw up and down with the other... more arm workout!! But the next few times... we had company...and thats when he really enjoyed it... because now he could see this other little kid go up while he was down and go down while he was up and he was so fascinated by that!!

The swing however is a no no... mainly because I'm scared of them... they are these old rickety rackety swings and even though I see a lot of kids and mommies sit on it... i just can't ... One day i decided to try it... and it was so embarrassing... Me trying to balance myself and Siddy on it.... oh god... I just gave up!!!!

Somedays we carry a ball and he hold my hands and kicks it around.... actually the first few days I didn't carry any toys... thinking hey he's at the park he wont need anything... but he kept looking at other kids toys... bats and balls and little water guns (this was around Holi) ... So now I always carry a little ball in my bag..

We also carry some water and something to eat... depending on his meals we carry a parantha or some biscuits or a fruit...He loves eating there and watching everyone!!

Somedays my mum joins me or if Aadi is free then he comes with us ... a few times even my brother came with us.... these days are fun... because he gets to be entertained by more people.... and the guys are more about running around and lets kick the ball and being all rough and tough!! the days my mum comes we are totally lounging!!! We sit on the grass eating our fruits and just chill!!

Its nice to see how many kids come to the park... I think its a great break for most parents from entertaining the kids at home...and its good for them to get some sunshine....

Of course a lot... infact most kids ... ok maybe 40 percent of them come with ayyas.... and you know whats funny? So how very obviously mommies who come make their own little cliques... well so do the ayyas...

So this is really funny... the ayyas of different castes will sit together... or ayyas of different economic strata kids will sit together.... then ayyas of the expat kids will sit together!! I thought this only happened with the mommies... I mean it does... the mommies of a certain age of kids bond... of a certain caste will bond... economic strata and expat mommies will bond.... I guess its normal... but i find it kinda funny...!!

Whats also nice is some kids come with heir grandparents....I love that... Something about kids and grandparents just seems nice you know... I look at the grandparents and think wow.. now they can simply enjoy this kid and his adorableness without worrying about his school and medicines and things like that and for the kid well... they can weasel anything out of their grandparents!!!

So this one little boy, maybe a few months older than bumling comes with his granddad....he walks independently and so is always running around loving his new found freedom right... and one day he sees siddy ...walks right up to him and gives him this big hug...!!!! It was soooo adorable!!! I still don't know why ... and even his granddad was amused.... siddy was all super shy!!! but by the third hug siddy was just confused!!

But the cutest is... one of my friends has a little baby girl all of three or four now i think... and she comes to the park somedays as well... and one day when they were leaving her mommy said "Say bye to Siddy" and she came and hugged him and kissed his cheek... oh my god Siddy actually blushed I think... he smiled and smiled all evening that day!! ha ha!!

We made a few friends at the park now Siddy and I.... and its nice... to go and find someone you kind of know... in fact one of the mommies has recently started some workshops for the babies... simple ones where its all about exploring new objects and Siddy loves them... more on that next time...

As of now these are our park stories... Hope you like them... and if you are in versova anytime between 5:30 and 6:30 come and visit us at the park!!!

Us taking selfies!!

Hello there!!

The one time you'll see my brother totally chilling :)
{ Come more often dude!!! }

Just looking around!!!


  1. What a fun blog!

    Hey what park is this? My mom stays at Versova. Will visit when I am there next.

    1. Hey Moushmi.... its the one next to the fisheries at the end of versova.... close to this building called Bianca.... let me know if you're coming this side anytime we'll get the babies to meet :)

  2. Wow what a fun blog! I have no idea how I landed up here.. I love parks n my park times with my 2 year old. Wud love to catch up with the turtles fishes n this momy baby!!!