Saturday, 26 April 2014

Best time of my life...

Before I delivered I would crib about how heavy my tummy was and my friends all told me this was the best time of my life.... Once the baby comes it's going to be madness...

Then came this scrawny little ET like baby in my arms and life made perfect sense! But while I loved him to death.... the constant nappy changing, breastfeeding, rocking to sleep was driving me mad....
All my friends said... this is the best time of your life... once he starts moving around on his own its going to be madness....

Then came that day when he took two step unsupported towards his dad.... and I had tears in my eyes.... My little baby boy, whom I used to wrap in mul and watch as he stayed curled up in bed, was walking!!


Of course once he got the hang of it.... hmmmm thats another story!!!

But you know what? This time I can say confidently this is the best time of my life!

Post like 10 months I was happy with bumling.... in the sense that the fear of dropping him or hurting him in anyway was no more there....Now when I see a new born it freaks me out as much as it did before I had one.

I recently met a 4 month old baby girl, and I didn't want to carry her...i was happy manhandling my boy..... I mean they are just too fragile.... and you are so vulnerable being a new mommy... So the mix just makes things even more tough.

At fourteen months Siddy is a breeze....

** Three teeth ( razor sharp)
** Walks unsupported
** Says Mumma, Papa Naneh (for Nani) Dada, Aaai (for come) There, Nanna (for banana),
** He dances to music.... seriously head bangs!! He loves Eminem EDM and Rock!
** He is very clear when and what he wants to eat... He even reached out to a Banana the other day asking for it!!
** He can recognise a truck, a dog, a cat a bus, and bikes. Be it in a book on the TV or out the window.
** He knows how to put my phone on. He knows how to use the TV remote (kinda!! I always end up watching some rubbish channels because of him!!)
** when he gets upset he shows it... a big frown and and even bigger pout!!!

But the Best best part.... and the reason why this is the best time of my life is because he is just so damn affectionate! He has understood what love is!

Aadi had taught him how to give a hug... So he would say "give papa a hug" and the bumling would go rest his head on his daddy's shoulders. I taught him how to give a kiss..

And when he does them together you feel like you're floating up in the clouds!! its such a massive stress releaser... such a wonderful feeling of Happiness... you will be smiling for at least  a few hours after that!!!

and sometimes when I'm working on the centre table he will come from behind and give me a hug.....oh god!!!! those little hands... those tiny arms trying to go around your neck!!

Life seriously can't get better!!

So i don't know about what it will be like when he starts talking or going to school... but this right now is the bestest!!

ps: he also bites super hard... and if you say owwww he gets very excited and then continues to bite.... and while it may seem awwwww cute little baby no ... no no no.... razor sharp create dents in my fingers kinda sharp!!!

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