Thursday, 14 May 2015

The sweetest thing!

We had a couple friend of ours over today for drinks... Siddy loves them...

So he hung around playing and showing off his toys and entertaining them...

The night was coming to an end.. These guys were getting ready to leave and by now siddy was drunk with sleep... He was in full on babbling gibberish mode... Slipping and tripping while walking ... But fighting it till the very end.... 

At some point while talking to the guy, siddy whacked his face...

Immediately Aadi and I got angry and shouted at him. 

'very bad siddy... No hitting on the face... Say sorry right now...'

Once twice thrice we told him

But nothing.. Between sleep and sheer defiance he flat out refused..

So our friend pretended to get upset and walked to the main door..

"see he's getting angry and upset he will leave if you don't say sorry'

Still nothing...

Finally they left ... But our man was all grumpy and pouty... 

Aadi and I left him on his own and started putting his toys away... He came to help.. And once we were done he walks up to me and says 

'Mumma I want to say sorry to Rajiv'

So I quickly pulled out my phone got onto our group chat and made him send a voice note...!! 

Can you say 'sweetest thing ever?' 

I mean seriously .. Discipline can happen thru shouting.. Beating... Explaining... But sometimes just telling the kid and leaving him alone can do wonders.. 

I think he thought our friends really won't come again.. And for some annoying reason (!!!!!) he is really fond of this guy and the idea that he would not come back... He didn't like that!!! 

Good job siddy pie!!! 

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