Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My crazy!!!

He's too hilarious! I simply can't keep up with him and my blog posts!! 

Half the times I'm laughing so hard at his mental-ness that I completly forget to record what he has said or done .... And the times I do record it, by the time I get to typing it he's gone ahead and done a whole new bunch of nutty things!!! 

Like today we were having some cake and juice at 4:30 when he heard the boys playing down in the compound so he stuck his head to the window grill and shouted out a big hi! 

They in turn came over and said "hey siddy come down" 

So he says" I'm having my juice.. I'll come in two minutes" 

They stood there with their mouths open... I mean seriously the kid is two.... They were totally taken by surprise..hell I was taken by surprise!   

By the time we got down the boys had already started a cricket match so they asked me if they could play with him later... 

Great.... Now I had to entertain him... 

Outside our new home we have a forest...well fine, they are mangroves but if you are two or you are a scaredy cat 30 something, those mangroves become a forest!!! 

We went to the one open patch touching the road and pretended we were in a real forest waiting for lions and tigers and elephants... Something about pretend play is just soooo much fun... 

At night when Siddy and I narrated this part of our day to Aadi, something we do everyday, I said " so we went to the jungle today papa... Didn't we siddy?" 

And he goes, scrunching his tiny eyes and shaking his head " it's a forest noooooo" like silly Mumma you.. Don't you know?!!!! 

Well I'm sorry!!!!! 

But my favorite part of today was.. At one point three little girls surrounded him and sat with him while he showed off the apps on his iPad... (I only took the iPad down because I wanted to work on it!!)

Anyway next thing we know a stupid pigeon has flown inches away from our head... All of us looked up shocked and honestly scared... 

Siddy goes" that was a kawwa" (that was a crow) 

Ok very good siddy but that was actually a pigeon. 

" that was a kawwa" and repeated it some 8-10 times till one of the little girls couldn't take it anymore and she yelled 

" what kawwa kawwa kawwa your saying? That was a pigeon!!!!!!" 

Oh my god kids... They are seriously the most hilarious things in the world and mine is just they king of the crazy land!!!! 

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