Sunday, 17 May 2015

Drunken baby!!

Having a sleepy toddler,who is fighting his sleep in bed with you is like having a mental unreasonable person in bed with you... 

This is us last night:

We both got  into bed when Aadi was already asleep... So I told the bumling to be quiet.. What does he do instead? He crawls up to his dad and tries to wake him up... So I made my stern Mumma face and asked him to move behind... Suddenly out of no where he burst into tears

' I want to say hi to papa' 


' please can I say hi to papa' howling away.... So much so that poor papa woke up and gave him a hug... 

Instantly the tears were gone..

Ok then we rolled around in the dark .. It was all fun with his adorable kisses and hugs and love... He kept yapping away all thru some gibberish or the other...when he said something about his cars and his toys and so I said 

' Ya ya papa put away all your toys no...'

Baaaaaaaahhhhh tears and howling 

' I want to put my toys away' 

' ummm but baby it's night time and papa has already put them away' 

' no I want to put them away...' 

Tears and tears ... 

To distract him I started telling him a story and suddenly no tears... 

Hmmmm...crazy little kid!!! 

Then in my final attempt to put him to sleep I started singing twinkle twinkle little stars in this very slow long drawn manner hoping to make it sound super boring... 

What does he do? 


No no.. He starts singing with me in the same manner I am singing!!! 

He's hilarious... And drunk and sleepy drunk!!! 

In all this he rolls on me... Sleeping on my tummy, falling on my face... Pulling my hair.. Jamming his tiny elbow in to my throat... His knee in my stomach... All these are interspersed with hugs and kisses but oh my god!!! 

Of course while his head is on me I realised last night that his feet were on Aadi... On his tummy, on his face, on his back.. And that daddy ain't never complained!!!!! He likes his drunken little baby in bed with us!! 


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