Thursday, 20 November 2014

Post work time!

I'm There are days I'm sooooo exhausted with siddy I can't wait for Aadi to come and take him off my hands...

Mum too.. We are tired running behind him feeding him keeping him entertained! 

So when Aadi comes we both sit back.. Put our feet up and won't even get up to get the wipes when he is changing his diaper!!! 

I'm sure lots of women are like that... And even if the poor guy has been out and about at work it doesn't matter... Post work time for him is also post work time for you .. Only difference is your day job is the munchkin and that's his fun time!! 

And luckily Aadi loves that time .. He looks forward to it...

So he'll come back and siddy will follow him around while he changes puts his shoes away and comes back into the living room...

Then the two of them sit down on the floor and start!! 

Every car will come out... All types of blocks will come out... He will want Aadi to push him around on his little truck... They will play with the football... And sit and chat with each other...  

Siddy's favorite expression when Aadi come is "le go papa" which means "let's go papa" and he expects Aadi to give up everything to go play with him!!!

Well mama approves baby boy... Le go papa.. While mama rests up!! 

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