Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mumma put it in!!

A little note on how quick the little bumling is growing...

So remember the kid I spoke about the other day who came to visit us and took siddy's toy... But wouldn't share..

I'm not judging... He was a baby... So it's all cool...

But what's amazing is this:

We went to visit them a few days later... And when we reached, the other baby wasn't home... So siddy was in a good mood... Playing performing and all... 

Full on ' do your happy face ' and he'd smile , 'do your angry face ' and out came this big frown!!! 

Then while we ate the bazillion things my aunt had made for us he played with his cars...

So he has this car in his hand and he's driving it on the sofa..

And in walks the other kid...

siddy comes towards me, looks at the kid, looks at me , points to my purse and gives me his car and says 

" Mumma put it in" 

One: that's a full sentence so yayie!!! 

And two: how did this 21 month old not only remember the kid, remember what happened last time, and gave me his car for safe keeping?!!!!

It's something amazing no? 

I thought so...

This bumling is just getting bigger and bigger smarter and smarter and more and more amazing!! 

Of course later the two were fully playing jumpy jumpy on the bed!!! 

But it's amazing to see him grow! 

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