Saturday, 15 November 2014

An update!

Posts are really getting fewer and more far inbetween... And I'm hating that...

I keep making little notes on my phone about all the fun topics I want to blog about.. But time just seems to be flying at a super sonic speed!! 

This last week back has been my craziest ever... Yes I know I say that often.. But it truly has been..

We were back from Jaipur Sunday night.. Monday I had a meeting in bandra.. Then I spent the day looking for furniture for my brothers new store..

Tuesday : worked on my art work for a birthday that happened today.. Went for a meeting too..

Wednesday: was at the printer practically the whole day.. Though my morning was fun.. We had a mommy baby day at school and siddy and I had a blast!!

Thursday: had two meeting plus helped the brother again...

Friday: started assembling 100 plates 100 napkin/spoon and forks 200 bottles .. With a lotta  help from the mommy..

Saturday : party setup...

And come tomorrow we are doing a small workshop at Nido's!! 

So as you can see it's been mental!! 

And in all this the bumling is growing at  super sonic speed too.. He's got taller and way more talkative... He imitates everything you do or say.. 

He's become a boy with scratches on his knees and lesser inclined to getting sloppy kisses!! 

He's also fast becoming a rascal.. A spoilt mind of my own rascal !! 

It's funny to see this already at 21 months... Thought I still had four months!!! 

Ah well! 

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