Saturday, 5 July 2014

Terrible twos..... already??!!!!

Siddy has started his terrible twos.....

Yes I know he isn't two... but that doesn't mean the terribleness hasn't started!!!

Because it has....

The one thing everyone who meets him always tell me... " oh he's such a quiet boy. So peaceful and sweet"

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... you need to come over someday people...

Its been just about a week... and funnily enough its the week that he was unwell and wasn't going to school so I can't even blame it on the other kids!

One fine day he has decided to become rowdy singh.... screaming and shouting and throwing little tantrums.... its cute you know in the beginning.... you actually find it amusing how loud a 16 month old can be.... how much energy he can have running from one room to another... then it starts to get to you...

After the 25th time of saying"No Siddy" when he tries to hit the tv that he can't even reach till he is on his little toes.... you loose your mind.

And there is just no fear... on the contrary he finds it damn funny when you say "Stop it Siddy or I'll come give you a pa pow" ( a lesson from linda i learnt.  If you have watched the video of the little kid arguing with his mum about cupcakes you know what I'm talking about!!!)

The other day he went into an overdrive... he kept running to the tv trying to hit it... he did it about 15  20 times.... and each time my mum has literally dragged him back... then he ran around the house occasionally shouting at no one in particular... making little fists of his hand and shaking them about... then he went to the kitchen and held the oven door and tried to pull it down..... I stood next to him and held the door shut but he didn't stop trying......

it was unbelievable...

And whats worse is that in a way, it was kinda adorable but you had to refrain from laughing and encouraging him and its so damn difficult!!!!!

What i don't get is where he learns all this from... and how does his tiny little body and mind have all this mad insane energy?

I'm doubting his cough meds.... I think they are acting like little alcohol shots!!!!

Because he really wasn't like this... he really was this sweet little peaceful baby.... now he's this mad little over energetic BOY!!!!

The question that comes up is how and when to really start discipling him?

Is he too young for a time out, will he even understand it... shouting seems to have to effect and I don't want to whack him ( not just yet... maybe when he's older!!!) . So what do you do?

This one time, while Aadi and I were chatting he found this book of mine and was flipping thru the pages when suddenly rrrrrrrrip.... he tore one page. Immediately he looked up at me and I could see that he knew he had done something wrong. Very firmly I took the book from him, showed him the torn page and said " Very bad Siddy, no touching Mumma's things"

He tried to smile.... but i kept my stony face and said " No one is going to talk to Siddy now for sometime, no one will play with him" and I continued talking to Aadi without looking at him.

Oh My God... that child's sorrowful face his pout the cheeks hanging in shame.... it was unbearable... he looked down with so much guilt and then looked at his daddy with these puppy dog eyes melting his heart so much that he could take it.... He called Siddy to him and gave him a hug...

There goes my first lesson in the dumps!!! But  can't blame Aadi that kid used everything he had....

But on a  serious note... at least he knew what he had done was wrong.... So thats good.

Here are my few tips on disciplining a 16 month old.

1. Keep a straight face. Very very Very important. And this goes for everyone in the room... You can't be the only one trying to put your foot down while everyone else is laughing at his antics.... no good cop bad cop .... only "very stern cop who actually loves you"!!!

2. Tell him what he has done is wrong, its bad. Don't tell him he is a bad boy, just what he has done is bad.

3. Try a bit of " No one will talk/ play with you for sometime because of what you have done" This one is tough... one time I used it on Siddy he came and started kissing my cheeks... I mean come on... who can resist that?!!!!!!

4. If he is destroying something (like the tv or oven) rather than shouting give him another distraction.... which is a positive one or a creative one... like a chalk and a black board to draw or his cars to play with.

5.Sometimes they start going into overdrive when they are most sleepy... to avoid going to sleep they gather all their energies to go mental... so if you feel thats the case.... take him into a dark room , play some soothing music, give him milk... basically use everything you can to calm him down...!

Well, these are my tips as of now... lets see what all really works ... because each munchkin is different in their crazy ways!!!

Tell me how you deal with your little minion?!!!

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