Monday, 14 July 2014

Puppies and Babies

All my life I said I would pick a Puppy over a Baby!!! I was just not a baby person... babies didn't like me and I didn't understand them...I never knew how to entertain a little baby... but give me a dog and i'm happily rubbing his belly and scratching his chin...!

Then I had a baby... and I realised they are the same as puppies!!

Here have a look why:

1. So cuddly!!! I mean really... Have you just rolled around in bed with a baby or a puppy...?! It's the cosiest best feeling ever!

2. The way they bite with their little teeth.... It's cute and funny when they are little but oh my god once they get bigger and they still go for it... Ouch!!! 

3. Their need to eat everything off the floor and off your plate. With their 'puppy dog' eyes when they look from your plate to you and back to the plate completly forgetting they just finished their own meal ten minutes ago!!!! 

4. The way they follow you around... Like some magnet is stuck on both of you... You go to the kitchen he's right behind you... You go to the bedroom... Still there... You reach the bathroom..still there.... You practically have to shut the door on their noses!!!  

5. You can make them dance to your tunes... Because they can't really fight back.. You can shake them around. Hold them by their arms and make them do the hip hop dance!!! I have videos of both mylo and bumling doing the hip hop dance.. !!!

6. Unconditional Love! Thats the best thing about a puppy and a baby.... oh how they love you.... its really the purest form of love... no matter who you are, what you do in life, your success your good looks (or bad ones!!) they just love you deeply... and will always be the first to show it.... !

and 7. They both love belly rubs and belly kisses.... try it!!

Chilling with Mylo!

Making friends with Sufi...

Yes I know he's a toy but he's my doggie!!

So is this one:

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