Friday, 25 July 2014

Day two!

Day two:

Morning has been strange.... No Mumma Mumma Mumma Mumma tape recorder.... 

Woke up early did some yoga without a munchkin trying to come between my legs!! 

Watched a movie while having coffee with the hubby.... Yup a movie at 9:30 in the morning!!! Before sunrise..... What a great film.... It's just... Wow!!!

Then I worked.. Have a lot to do with the FMC exhibition coming up and another order of mine.. So was in full work mode while Aadi chatted away happily with me...

At four thirty we headed to my printer.... Didn't get a chance really to miss miss siddy but mommy sent some pics and a video... And heartbreak happened then and there!!

Spent hours here.... And then headed home.... Because there was still lots to do... And I want to be free in my mind for Aadi and my special day tomorrow :)

We have eaten dinner at nine thirty and Aadi is passed out by eleven... I work for an hour and I'm passing out as soon as I post this! 

What did siddy do?

Well , both days he went down in the building and played with the kids... Some a few years older than him... Mum says he had soooooo much fun he came up and knocked out!!! Yesterday he pushed the suitcases around the house... Tonight he went out for dinner.... 

He misses me and Aadi... He asks for us... Mum says I'm at the market and Aadi is in office and he's ok with that!! 

Poor mum... I don't know how she's doing this? And with a cold that too.... 

Need me to come there mommy?!!!!!

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