Monday, 28 July 2014

Day four till now!

You know that little cover for the tip of the pen? Not the pen cover... there is also a little steel cover for the tip of the pen thats screwed onto the pen?

There is one lying in the corner of my bedroom....

There are pieces of wool and felt all over the living room...

Rolled up cello tape under my work table...

Few stray peels of onion that flew away while making breakfast...

Plastic bags that came with my hoops that I opened up and didn't chuck in the garbage... 

Get the picture?

No baby in the home!!!

When he is around... half my time is gone in picking up these kind of random objects from the floor and the other half removing random objects from his mouth!!!!

Day four... and I'm really really really happy I have so much work that I cant even make my lists of things to do!!! 

I have made five hoop arts since 10:30 in the morning... (its four thirty as i write this) 

This would never happen with the monkey running around.... he would pick up all my hoops and destroy my wool rolls.... !!!

So thank you mommy... for giving my this time and thank you me and my wanting to do a hundred things this weekend for letting me be too busy to miss the munchkin......:(

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