Sunday, 5 January 2014

FOod stUff!!

So once Granny had made bumble bee some daal and roti with loads and loads of ghee on it of course, and he refused to finish it. I happily picked up the bowl and tossed it into Mylo's food bowl and granny was like "Arre why didn't you just eat it why give it to the dog?"

I laughed and said nothing.

Next time again some food was left in Sid's bowl and again she asked me to finish it and laughingly said "Thats what all mothers do, they finish their baby's food"

And it got me thinking, so thats the reason our poor mums put on all that weight!!!

Who ever came up with that idea of us finishing everything they refuse to eat? and this despite that fact that you may have already finished your meal…

Nothing in this world is a bigger task than to shed that loose paunch that comes post delivery and these kinda silly notions only make it worse…. I refuse it.

Unless… and that too not always… but in the off chance my meal is post his I may have his food… but other wise no way… hell I'm trying to reduce my own meals let alone adding his to mine!!

And quite honestly who can eat that bland, semi pureed food??!! yuck!!

ha ha… the day Sid reads this blog he's going to yell at me!!

But seriously… no spice… hardy any salt… I hate the idea of grinding the rotis but sometimes I grind the daal and rice if i'm out of patience…so that pureed stuff its impossible to eat!

For us I mean!

Meal time is a serious stressful time for me…. I'm not really into cooking and trying to make bumling something interesting every time is super taxing!!

Here is how his meals go:
First a fruit:
1. Papaya…. its his favourite!
2. Apple stewed with cinnamon
3. Bananas
4. Pear I tried it once he didn't much like the texture… i'll try again when he's older.

Then Eggs:
So i usually boil an egg and then whisk it with some milk and make a paste like texture of it and add salt and pepper…. I tired an omelette and a scrambled once, but I think he found it a bit dry… and also being a bit of a lazy bum he didn't want to chew!!

Here's what he gets for lunch, evening snack and dinner:

1. Daal and rice… all the daals are good especially Moong daal, its light and easy to digest. Also now I give good tadka for the daals… earlier it was just ghee and salt… now I add jeera powered or whole or some rai and quite recently I've started adding garlic and onion tomato as well.

2. Daal and roti. I never ground it because I wanted him to understand the textures from day one.

3. Suji or Rawa… sometimes sweet sometimes salty like an upma… and now that he's a bit bigger I give it a kadi patta and rai tadka…

4. Oats … again sometimes sweet and sometimes salty… these two are great dinner options…

5. Aloo paratha is another favourite of his….! I mash boiled potato with some lime juice coriander leaves and salt and roll it in to the atta. With some dahi its a perfect meal.

6. Sometimes its just plain roti and curd….

7.I gave him a chicken patty the other day… a friend and made it for her little bumling and it was the first time he had chicken and boy did he love it!!! He practically chomped it all off!!

8.I even tried fish one day here in Bombay… since the fish is really fresh… I think he was super confused with the texture and didn't eat much of it the first time but when I gave it to again for his next meal he seemed to enjoy it!!

Half the vegetables are out because they give gas or tummy aches…. which leaves me with basics like:
1. Bottle gourd or ghiya or lauki whatever you call it.
2. Pumpkin which he likes
3. Potatoes mashed with Peas and Carrots.
4. Tendli or tindora
5. Cucumber I have recently started…

Except for the cucumber, I usually pressure cook the veggies and then mash them a little and add some ghee and salt tadka to them… Sounds boring I know…. Just can't seem to be all creative with it:( though its my new years resolution to be more creative with his foods poor fellow!!

So here's what Im going to do (read: try to do) is I'm going to make a lot of things for him in the following weeks and try to write down the recipes if they are fun enough…. lets see if this motivates me to give him tastier meals!!

Not that I will finish those up either!!!

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