Thursday, 30 January 2014

A marriage and a baby!!!

My wonderful brother got married this month.. In a quick,shot gun ,one week notice wedding!!!! 

Engaged in December married in January!!!! It was the fastest courtship I've ever seen!!! Ha ha!!! 

I think though it was the smartest thing a couple can do... After all as beautiful as weddings are the planning stages come with plenty of arguments and silly fights and these two managed to reduce that stress  into just a week!!! 

And such a pretty wedding it was... Small and private on a terrace with their closest friends and our small families... Really what celebrations are all about... :)

Of course for me it was power packed because I was kinda best man to my brother part party planner as well as trying to handle bumble bee!!

Luckily during party planning my mum and hubby looked after him and during the celebrations my wonderful in laws did... 

Having a very close friend or sibling get married with you having a little baby is tough... 

So here are a few things I would recommend:

1. Get all the help you can!!! Parents better half... A trusty maid... Anyone. If you are going to be part of the set up or the ceremony (like I was) you will no doubt need someone who understands what the little one needs. Don't try to be a super mom!

2. Plan his meals in advance and make them in advance. I was lucky my sister in laws house was in the same building.. More often than not, most wedding venues are some random places where you can't access the kitchen. So make things you don't necessarily have to heat or cook last minute... Keep things like aloo paratha, cheese slices and formula in his bag. Don't get all het up if his meals are not as organised as they usually are... It's ok as long as he looks happy and is cheerful. Its fine if he doesn't have a perfect diet for a day or two....

3. Yes it's fun to put him in a dhoti and he will look super adorable... But if he is comfortable in his pyjamas put him in his pyjamas... Better to have a happy hippie baby than a well dressed grumpy puss!!! Also you need to dress comfortably... Yes it's a wedding yes you must wear a saree and all but be practical, put all your pins in place, choose a bun over long curls!! Wear as less jewellery as is socially acceptable.. Because he will pull!! Heck at the after party I actually wore my loafers under my lehenga, because I wanted to enjoy dancing.... And boy am I glad? Because I had to go up and down from the penthouse to the fifth floor to the ground floor to the fifth floor and up again.. At least six times!!!   

4. Keep his pram handy. I didn't need to since sameera's house was open to put him to sleep.. But when you are at some open lawn or club for a wedding you need him to sleep comfortably... So keep the pram, it will help with keeping his things together and he can knock out in it!

5. Happily give him to who ever takes him!!! This is most most important!! There were times  during the ceremony that I would look for him and see him playing in someone's arms and in the next ten minutes it was someone else's arms!!!! Usually and mostly he was hanging out with all the pretty girls at the wedding! I swear that kids gone on his dad!!! Even at the after party he was happily dancing with the girls!!! Which was great because I got to dance with the hubby!!!! 

Other than this, just keep a close eye on him.. Because only you can tell if that cry is for sleep or food... And when he absolutely needs you... And no one else can help.. Forget everything else and go to him....!! 

But I have to tell you.. This little bumling of mine.. What a party animal!! Two days of celebrations and he was rocking ittill the second night party... Smiling at all the girls... Dancing with them.. Refusing to sleep... I guess he was also super happy his crazy mamu finally found such a wonderful girl :) 

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