Tuesday, 7 January 2014

An apology!!

I feel so bad my blogging is so random these days.... I have so much to say but literally no time to say it!!! 

I honestly wish there was a way I could talk and the words would just appear on my blog!!! 

Bombay, has as always, been mad... And with Christmas and New Years taking up most of my time here and not to mention my cruising baby... It's hectic to say the least! 

He has reached the age of super excitement.. He is pretty wired up post a good sleep or a good meal.. He plays non stop, moves around the house non stop, is constantly hungry for food or milk... Milk is simple but food... You remember my last post..
It's madness.. Thinking of what to make then, making it, then feeding it to someone who has suddenly lost interest!!! He has ADD at this age people... Each toy he can play with for like five minutes and then he wants something else... Soon I run out of toys and have to make do with random things like my mums specs cover or two empty steel bowls .. At one point I was giving him my Christmas tree ornaments  and my work ribbons and wool to play with just so I could get some work done!!! Giving my crafty things is huge in my world!! Plus he is teething so he goes into these occasional cranky phases where only mama will do!! (yes I love that but still!!) 

Add to this wanting to meet every single friend... Old and new.. My friends, Aadi's friends, my mums friends... My brothers engagement and meeting my future sis in law's (he he how fun that sounds!!) family for dinners and parties and play dates... Wanting to meet people for work to see if things can materialize for Aadi and me... The personal life is settled now we just need a bit of professional stability... And then trying to watch as many movies in theaters and at home on DVD.. Eating out... Drinking (more than I should!!) oh and did I mention I have recently picked up the first games of thrones book (it's huge!! 780 pages to be exact!!) ... And my crafty hands are asking too much of me ( I recently made flower head bands and sewing ring art., I'll show you soon)...

Now can you imagine how difficult it is to remove even ten minutes to myself in all of this craziness... And when I get it I have three choices 
1. Read my book 
2. Blog 
3. Cuddle upto my husband and go to SLEEP!!! 

Guess which one I pick eight out of ten times!!! Ha ha hence the few and scattered blog posts and the fact that I am I'm still on page 195 of my book!!! 

So please to forgive and hang in there I'll be back with some fun stuf soon!!!

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