Thursday, 6 June 2013

Being the one with kids!!!

So when I was young well ok, all the way till I had my own little squirt, I was kinda sorta anti kids!!!

I hated the noisy ones in the restaurants the cranky ones on the planes the over excited ones in the theatres running up and down the stairs during an intense scene!!! 

And then one day my brother tells me that I can't take my little baby boy to my club till he is three years old and BAM!!!!!!!

What so you mean babies aren't allowed?!! I wanted to take him swimming in the baby pool when I come visit... How can they be so insensitive?!!!! 

Babies cry, kids run around and play and fight and scream... It's natural... 

As a surly teenager I could get annoyed at them... as a oh so cool adult I could think of how badly they have been brought up... 

But now... Now I think of how brave those mothers are.... Handling a kid, teaching him to be disciplined while not ruining his childhood (!!!!!) and enjoying your own meal or movie... It takes a lot!!! 

Ha ha tables have surely turned... Now I'm thinking on my flight to Bombay I hope there isn't some cocky girl looking at me and the baby going " I hope I don't get a seat next to them"!!!!!!