Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My baby better than your baby?

My little one is making so many sounds and he's just two months old... what about yours?

My little one is already rolling around and he's only three months old...what about yours?

My little one is already walking and she's only six months old... what about yours?

Hmmmm.... How are you supposed to react to mommy's like these? Without adding what your baby can do..

Competitiveness starts really early .. But this early??

I think our need for the best car the best job the best house make us so crazy we actually start believing we need to have the best baby ........

And its not just competitive people who are like this.... the other day I met a young couple with a baby boy a few months older than mine.... and well he wasn't exactly a johnson and johnson baby... but what was horrid was that for a split second that thought that my baby was "cute" passed my mind.... and immediately I felt horrible.... I mean I was shocked at how my mind could go there...  i trust myself to be quite non judgemetal, but still for me to have compared little babies in my head.... horrible.

But see thats when I realised that its us who put these thoughst and this sense of competitiveness in our kids... who walks first, who talks first, who burps first dammit!!

If we were to just let them be ... Let them cross their milestones at their pace irrespective of others... I think we'll bring up happier healthier stronger kids and maybe along the way we'll get better as people ourselves don't you think?


  1. I completely agree!!! :)) Good 1 btw!!

  2. Your baby will ride a motorcycle first. That's my guarantee. Hahaha

    1. The littlest Vardenchi rider!!! He will love it!

  3. I could not agree more! It all starts in our minds that way and continues when they grow gift we can give them is to let them be their own person..develop they own unique personality and eventually (when they are adults) allow them to move away from the patterns we set for them and live life the way they want!

  4. Too true.....competition is really what adults do. All the time.....Let the kids be!

  5. Gud oNe Ali! :D
    Blessings on you and you're youngling :)