Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The First Three Months...

So once I got my "positive" result... I just has to tell my husband!

I had always imagined I would surprise him with the news.... make a big deal out of it.... like I had seen in Full House, when Becky gets preggie she makes Jessie a meal of baby potatoes, baby corn etc... i thought I would do that.... but since both of us had been waiting for this result for a long time I just told him straight up!!!!!

Aadi has always been commitment phobic... First marriage scared him then the thought of a baby (now of two babies!!!) but once he warms up to an idea, which took me a year to do!!, he was so so so happy!!!!

The second person to know was of course my gynac... She is like a school principal... Tough and nice all at the same time....

Coming home from her visit... We told the family... The happiness of having a new addition in the family is incomparable...

Of course up until now I was running around in Amritsar but as soon as I was confirmed preggie... I was suddenly throwing up!!!

Because of a rather annoying blood clotting situation i was on bed rest for the first three months and had to take an injection a day till the last week of my pregnancy :(

I am sooooo petrified of injections... I thought taking one a day for 8-9 months would rid me of my fear.... No such luck!!!!!

Well so in the first three months came my iconic 30th birthday... Which was good because I was dreading turning 30... This way it literally came and went!!! But the best part was my mum and brother came visiting... And along with the hubby they bought me my first sewing machine... How exciting!!!!

Hardly have I used it... But soon... I have big plans!!!!

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