Thursday, 25 April 2013

Second Love!

When I met aadi... When I saw him for the very first time I wouldn't say I fell in "love"... But I was madly attracted and intrigued by him... It took several weeks... Many conversations many kisses for me to fall head over heels "in love" with him....

I knew the very instant I fell in love with him even.... We were travelling back from a movie in an auto (our only mode of transport back then!!) and suddenly he gave me this hug... This warm beautiful perfect hug... Where every part of your body seems to just come alive with that touch.... And he said "you're protected"

That was it... I was in love!

But this time, with this little tot... It took one second... The nurse put him next to me in the hospital bed and I was shocked at the depth of love I felt in that instant... It was truly one of those breath taking moments.

So small so tiny so fragile and so all mine.... And aadi's!!!!

I never knew I could feel that much love for anyone else after aadi... But I did... I do... I always will...


  1. That is what our babies do to us.....make us fall in love all over again.....! First, at their sheer helplessness and then at their utter cuteness and finally for just being! Enjoy your heartfull of love...

  2. Wow.. that is such a lovely post. Not a mother yet but I could feel every word written there.

    Blessings to the little one and both of you.

    1. thank you Tanya.... it really is a life changing experience!!!