Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Telling Family And Friends....

Not that either my hubby and I are superstitious... But something about having a baby, and maybe because of the last mishap, we were a little bit on the back foot about telling anyone apart from the immediate family....

Once the first three months passed and I was doing better (I was so unwell I had lost about 6 kilos during that time... Which I will find later I am glad about!!!!) and we were planning on my going and staying with my mommy for three months that we decided to start telling close friends...

Some who are super close and I just couldn't wait I had to call and tell... Not so much fun... Others I went to Bombay and just surprised with my belly!!!! Now that was fun!!!

Happy news is so much fun to share.... Ha ha... But no really... Most of our friends were so surprised that my hubby and I were pregnant... We were one of the last few people they would have expected to be having a baby... We're kids ourselves still!!!

You truly realise how much your friends mean to you and how much you mean to them at moments like these... Some friends we hadn't met for years came by to meet up on hearing the news others who we are close to but didn't realise how much had tears of happiness when we told them and it was so touching....

I can't now wait for my little munchkin to meet all of them soon :)


  1. ......and now, all the ones who were there on your past journey, will come see him and coo over him....!

    1. absolutely!! whata fun that'll be :)

  2. and can't wait for little sid to play with his mates in bombay... (all girls, funnily ;)