Friday, 19 April 2013

Sleep deprived!

Sleep deprivation and new born baby are synonymous !!!!!!

"Have a baby they're so cute! They really change ur life" they said " sleep all thru your pregnancy it's the last sleep you'll ever get" also they said.

But I kept thinking how sleep deprived could I really get?

Hmmmm apparently to the point where you actually feel, look and act like a zombie!!!

This little tot of mine at nearly two months keeps me fully on my toes at night. Not that he's up all thru the night and not that every night he's fooling around... But sleeping even four to five hours spread out thru the night for well almost 45 nights can drive you absolutely insane!!!

And no amount of afternoon "naps" will make you feel like you've caught up on your sleep... Frankly I don't think it's at all possible to ever "catch up" on your sleep... Not till the kid goes away to college!!!!

Hmmmmm makes boarding schools sound kinda nice.... !!

And what's worse is (a) I'm not a morning person... So maybe this is good since I'm up all night there is no morning as such it's all one long night!!!

And (b) I used to be one of those who could sleep till twelve one in the afternoon... Not anymore.. Now I just sleep any odd hour of the day I can get... I have actually slept at 10:30 in the morning because the baby is asleep!!! It is officially the oddest thing I have done!!!

Intact when my husband talks of going on vacations all I can think is "ahhhh hotel room beds.. Ac... No reason to get out of that bed!!!!"

So yeah I guess when people tell you to sleep and enjoy your sleep during your pregnancy take it seriously!!!

And also I have realised that taking it positively that you will be waking in the night is important... Being grumpy and feeding your baby and rocking him to sleep is no good... He needs to feel loved even then... Even at the point where you feel like punching a wall because you're so sleepy... You still need to give your baby lots of love and warmth.... It's easy....

After all......

They are soooooo cute!!!

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  1. ......and the grumpy little girl grows up! To the sweetest smile in the world....(sorry Aadi, for a little while)! And together you will be great parents!