Sunday, 14 April 2013

Introducing little aadi ali!!

Having a little munchkin can completely change your life.

I didn't know that till I had one... I don't think anyone can understand the extent to which life can change for you till you actually have one. And I don't mean the usual "oh we can't go party any more  or "oh I'm just not getting enough sleep any more"


I mean in the way that you're every waking hour is filled with thoughts of the little one.

When you eat, sleep anything he is on your mind 24/7!!!

It's just such a big responsibility, having a little person's entire life in your hands.... everything you decide for him today will shape his personality... what you teach him to be will be who he becomes.... now with that responsibility how can there not be a change in your life.

You will be a better person.... you will make smarter decisions, you will do everything you can which is good and right so that he learns to be good and right.

And that's the change I'm talking about.

Aadi and I have been two carefree reckless sunshiney kids our entire lives..... we never took on too much responsibilities even after we were married.... we made choices based on our childish desires and were absolutely impulsive in most of our decisions.....and we loved every minute of it.... of just being us.... not worrying really about the future or savings or anything that took away our fun!!

So for us, today, all the more we have had to make that change in us. We have had to grow up suddenly.... since we weren't the kids around any more.... the kid in our story was now ours.... our little son, our responsibility ours to teach and shape up!!

I started this new blog to keep track of our growth.... of our little baby's growth.... to see how we become from kids to people who can look after kids!!!!

because this little one is worth it all.... worth growing up for.....!!!

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  1. What a great idea Alishka! I love the way baby is looking at his parents and wondering about the love between the two of you. Yes having a child will take over your thoughts and your day but I.had a great time being at home with the kids. Nursery runes, fingerplays, tummy time...all so we can help our child's development and see that they are doing everything right at those stages....Natasha