Friday, 2 October 2015


This is the proof people.... That having a baby is not as time consuming as having a toddler! 

My last post here was on the 8th of sept... It's been nearly a month.. And honestly I'm only writing because I have just started reading Twinkle Khanna's book Mrs Funnybones and midway I realised... God, when was the last time I wrote? 

Too long back... Too too long back... And not like I haven't tried.. There are many drafts.. 

Little snippets.. One sentence to keep the idea ready... One word even sometimes, like pizza party ( ya ya that's two I know... But you know what I mean!!) 

Point is I used to be so regular with my blog when the bumling was just a bumling... Now he's a tumbling fumbling dumpling who's all over the place!! 

My days seem to disappear between him and work and the house and the maids and the little bit of catching up with family and friends.. 

The catching up also seems like a major plan these days... Because by the end of the week there is just soooooo much exhaustion that all you really truly deeply want to do is to lounge... And binge eat and binge watch rubbish on tv... And more of the eating... 

Because week days are mental.... The mornings you're on an a kind of fast forward mode ( post coffee that is) breakfast breakfast brush teeth bathe change lunch dabba lunch dabba one snack here two there water bottles into the respective bags..., Shove tiny feet into tinier shoes ( how quick are those damn feet growing??) wave good bye shut the door and breathe... 

Then it's either straight to work because the coffee and two measly biscuits are going to get you thru the day or have breakfast ( read a quick egg fry) only because crazy coach is going to come to make sure you can't do anything else with your arms and legs for the rest of the day... 

Early lunch.. At 12:30 because you realise you can't survive on coffee and two measly biscuits or because the coach worked that little egg fry out of your system... 1:15 off to pick up the monkey from school..

Now once he's back.. Everything else goes on a back burner... His food his clothes his toys his tv his water his games... His crankiness because he's super sleep but won't sleep and won't let you work or sleep yourself.... Him him him him and oh, did I mention him?!!! 

If I'm lucky he'll pass out ... Just ten minutes before his nanny comes at 4:00... So yayie....! And if not then I get some relief to get back to my work... If I'm not bulldozed by my mum to help her with hers { ;) ;) } 

If he has slept.. He'll wake up by 5:30 6:00 when its too dark to go down and play... So again we will have little cranky pants on hand.. Or somedays he will wake up in a good mood.. And simply play with his nanny leaving me to continue working.. Or blogging or pinning or something to do with my phone or laptop.. 

Then of course it's back to him him him him him time... Post the nanny's end of day time.. So I play with him and feed him and enjoy the potty training sessions we are going thru... !!! 

By 8:30 hubby is back and it's dinner time.. Here I get some major relief but as soon as daddy is home mommy is treated with such indifference I can't tell you!! Which is good sometimes but quite a stab in the heart somedays! 

Ten is in the room time, sometimes 10:30 it depends on his evening nap ( note I didn't say afternoon nap!!!) and hopefully we are passed out by 11:30... I know the hubby is... But not necessarily this monkey... Even post two three book readings .. He still rolls around the bed and tells himself some stories before he passes out.. 

And by then I'm so done with the day .. And to be honest after all the chatting and noise all day, I have no energy to form full sentences .. Especially not with auto correct and this small key pad driving me nuts!!! 

But well here it is .. A story about a day in my life multiplied into everyday... Equalling to a zapped out energy for this adorable blog of mine as well as making any big party plans for the weekends.. Where to be honest you'll find Aadi and siddy and me happily hanging around in the house. Them both playing and me, well, binge eating and binge tv watching!!!!  

When he was a baby I think the routine was simpler... Feed burp watch him while he sleeps... Maybe I'm forgetting .. I don't know.. Fact is.. I blogged more then than I do now.. So well there you have it...  Proof!! 

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