Sunday, 4 October 2015

A day without diapers!

I think the biggest milestone in a baby's life is the day he goes out minus the diaper for the whole day! 

And we have achieved it !!!


I can't begin to tell you how awesome that is.. All parents of little puddings will get where I'm coming from.. 

No more diapers!! 

But hey.. Let me tell you it's a big big task... And a major commitment on the parents.. And I'll be honest it would not have been possible without my mum.. Who pushed me to start the whole no diaper scene in school.. And at home..

I was truly apprehensive... Read lazy. And forgetful... To take him every hour to the loo, because initially he wouldn't tell us so we had to time it.. And then the few times we were too late and the little accidents that happened.. And I'm talking no 2 accidents!!! 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha Ha!!! 

We've had incidents of susu on our bed on the couch... 

It's been a crazy ride.. Full of talcum powder and steel rulers! 

He still wears one at night.. Because I still don't have the guts to let that one go..!! 

So the first time was actually a fluke.. We were going for a movie.. Shaun the sheep.. And we ran out of the house since we were a bit late.. And I actually forgot to make him wear his diaper.. 

Luckily he passed out mid film and as soon as the movie was over.. He woke up and I rushed him to the theatre loo... 

Post that we've done short trips to my brothers house or a friends house minus the diaper.. We've been ok... 

Also he goes to school daily without one and spends the day at home without one.. And now he pretty much tells us every time he needs to go...

But over the weekend we had a full baby's day out plan.. And we decided to do it diaper less! 

So though we carried a few and a few change of clothes.. We went thru the entire day.. Incident less! 

Started with brunch at the social.. Cookies at sweetish house mafia.. Play time at millk.. And ended it with snacks and a swim at the club.. Every time we reached a place we went to the loo.. Every time we left we went again.. That's the secret.. 

And it was seriously amazing! 

It's an achievement I tell you.. You feel like your baby has finally grown up! 

And its definitely one of those days you have to document.. So here it is! 

Well.. Next step is to chuck the night diaper..wish us luck!!

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