Thursday, 15 October 2015

Little Stories-1


Its just me and the pudding at home... he's playing with his car in the living room ... and i'm working at the dining room... he can see me... i can see him....

I need something from the other room... so i got to get it...

next thing I hear is a quick pitter patter of feet and this little thing is now standing behind me, looking very angry and sticking his tiny little finger up at me...

" you cannot do that"

"what baby?"

"you cannot do that mumma"

" what i did baba?"

" you cannot leave childrens in the room alone like that"!!!!

silence.... really did he just say that?

" but i can see you na baba... "

" bad mumma... you cannot leave childrens alone like that" and he walks off disapprovingly!

ok then!!


A friend came over last night to show us his swanky new car... we took the baba down as well...

The friend suggests a drive and we all get into the car...

"lets go for an ice cream drive..." pudding tells my  friend!!!

how does he even know what an ice cream drive is?!!! ha ha... yes i mean we have done this once or twice.. but i didn't realise it had become a thing for him!


I'm bathing the pookie... i have the bucket filled with slightly warm water... pour a tumbler on him and he jumps back... (over actor)

"are you serious mumma... " looking at me with eyes of betrayal..."are you serious you will put hot water on me?

two and a half years people.. he's just two and a half years...

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