Sunday, 4 October 2015

Advice to friends and family of new parents!

The one thing not to tell new parents is:

"chill ya.. It's nothing.. Don't get so hyper" 

Never ever ever say this to a new parent.. No matter how true it is.. No matter how nuts they are behaving.. Just don't say this.. 

So my brother and sister in law are brand new parents to the most adorable little pookie ever.. 

And I suddenly feel like I've become this seasoned mom.. And in the last few times I met them I noticed I have got into this " oh please it's nothing" thought process every time they get worried about something...

I think as our kids grow and as we start letting things go.. We also start to forget that feeling of having a little baby who is entirely your responsibility... 

I mean yes.. Of course I still do feel responsible for siddy and I worry about every little thing he does and doesn't do.. But since he's bigger now and can express himself.. I have started to relax a little.. 

But I'm also sure that as a new parent I didn't... 

I too.. Like my brother and sis in law.. Wanted everyone to wash and sanitise their hands and would worry each time some one picked him up..  I would ask everyone to switch off their phones... And all sorts of these things.. 

And yet...when I hold their little one and check my phone and my brother tells me anything, I'm suddenly all like " hey I grew up siddy OK na? Then why are you worrying?"  

And I realised today.. That's not good.. To make a new parent feel like their worrying and their looking out for their little pudding is too much.. Not a good thing... 

You have to find a nicer way to do it if at all.. Because while yes, some new parents can go beyond a certain point of logic to look after their kid, most are really just very scared... 

And in their fear they do the best for their kid that they can... And the truth is that they too will ease up in a few months or years.. 

They too will reach where I am today, where my eye is constantly on him but I don't jump every time he falls ... 

So while there are a thousand bits of advice you can give new parents .. My advice to friends or family of new parents is to never make them feel like they are being too protective.. It's the most natural thing.. And it's something that will automatically ease up.. 

Let them grow with the kid.. Like you did! 

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