Saturday, 4 July 2015

Change Of Plans!

I had a post called No Plan For Certain.... and well, this weekend has really been true to that!!

So a few weeks ago a very old friend of mine sent me an event invite on facebook about her story telling sessions... Usually bumling falls short on the age limit, but this time he was old enough for it... I got super excited, clicked on join, invited another friend so Siddy and I would have company, marked it on my phone, on my home paper calendar.... I was just so excited for it!

My friend and i even made post event dinner plans, I asked Aadi to pick us up from there post his work... called my maid earlier that day... everything was planned and ready...

Come the day, i pack his bag, get annoyed because he goes to sleep just fifteen minutes before the cab comes to get us, but well, i guess that means he will be fresh for the session... 

Now most people who know me, know my sense of timing is quite warped, I take traffic for granted and almost always have to be told a time fifteen to twenty minutes before to get anywhere in time.... in my defence... i blame the kid!!!

Anyway, this time i decide its going to be different.. This time i was planning it all in advance... The event time was 5:30 onwards... from my house to the venue is about 40 mins ... So i call for a cab around 4:25... may as well be early no?

Well... what i learnt yesterday was that no matter how much you plan, how much you think about... when things have to go wrong they will!

My cab came at 4:45... I reach my friends house... she's running late because just today her maid decided to be a duh... rather than packing her kiddo's bag and the dabbas, she wanted to wash the washing machine... which meant apart from dressing up her doll... she also had to pack her bag and everything...!

Finally we leave around 5:00... ok we got half an hour... maybe we'll miss about ten fifteen minutes... but hey... what starts on time in bombay anyway?!!

And of course, our cab driver takes the longer route... and on route the other pudding decides to do her "business'!!! do we stop and clean... do we get to the venue and clean? what to do?!!! the driver says we aren't to far... so we decide to wait a bit...

By now though both the kids are restless... we've been in the car for around 40 mins.... all four of us smashed in the back together... knees in our stomachs... elbows jabbing our necks... we need to get out!!

Now here is the worst part of the story... and the one where i admit to the awesomeness of having google maps, no matter how large an app it is, on your phone at all times.... which i didn't yesterday and hence... I simply took the name of the building.. Oberoi Splendor, assumed it must be near Oberoi School and Oberoi Mall... because hey... its an Oberoi building... and went in the opposite direction...

We reach Oberoi Woods, the building complex near the Oberoi School and Mall... and we think Oberoi Splendor must be just around the corner... On asking a guard we find out its a good 25 minutes away!!!!!!!

By now, we have our windows rolled down... and we (the two mothers that is) are hot and sweaty and irritated and frankly in no mood for a story... we simply need to clean our kids, and feed them!

So we can our plans, head to the mall... and after a few seconds of major disappointment , mainly on my part, we had a fantastic time at the mall!!

There was some live music and there was the forever 21 mad sale going on!! 

We gave the fresh kids a toy car each and a packet of chocos, the sweet lady at the store gave them small shopping bags and looked after them while we enjoyed a little retail therapy!

There really is nothing better than finding pretty stuff at ridiculous prices without having to stress about the kids! 

In fact the kids got so much attention from all the shoppers in the store... they were as much in heaven as we were!

Then we got them some healthy watermelon juice and some tasty very non healthy fries and chilled at the food court!!

Finally we took an auto ride home... which they both thoroughly enjoyed and headed to my friend's place for dinner... the kids were up till 12:30... which was fine because as fed up as we were of them, they were fed up of us and were so happy to have their dads now... that we got to sit by the window and enjoy our drinks!!

Some days really don't work out the way you want them too... especially with kiddos... but honestly if the night ends with friends and a great meal... and two puchkas dancing and singing till they literally fall off to sleep... then you've had a good day!!

Of course... somedays things don't end there... we had great weekend plans of going to Pune for our friend's daughter's fifth birthday... meeting my cousins who adore the monkey..... but in the middle of the night, his little sniffles turned into a full fledged cough, cold and slight fever.... we waited till about 9:00 in the morning hoping he would be better.... but nope... so here we are... at home watching the middle... while the little things sleeps next to us.... 

ah well.... heres to hoping this change of plan makes for a good weekend.... get better soon my pudding!!!

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