Friday, 26 June 2015

Random stories!

The other day we took bumling to bandra to meet the new baby... when I got home, Aadi was there, so I told bumling

"Tell Papa where we went today"

Then I waited expectantly for him to say 
'We went to mamu and mami's house and we saw the baby, etc etc...'

Instead out of no where he goes, rather dramatically "We went to Juhu beach.... we sat on the beach"!

And the best part is he's so believebale my juhu beach hating husband gives me the 'look' !!!

and this story telling is also getting us to become good at making excuses... And the randomness of it all is hilarious...

Like yesterday he had some crayons in his hands.. I saw a book too so I wasn't worried... 

Suddenly he comes up to me and says 
'Mumma look what I do' 

Which he generally says when he has messed up something for sure! 

So I get up to look for it... Expecting him to have coloured on the walls or floor or my work stuff....

I'm looking but I can't see ...

' I drew on the glass Mumma' he admits finally pointing at his toy cupboard glass door... 

It's actually nothing and I know it's going to come off in one swipe but now I have to be all tough and upset since it is a not a good thing that he did... 

'siddy' in my stern voice ' Why you did this? You know you're not supposed to draw on anything apart from your book' 

So he's thinking why he did it and he goes 

'Because the mosquito came no' 

'Ummm mosquito came no means what? What does that have to do with the drawing?' 

Scrunches his nose and looks at me like why aren't you getting it.. The mosquito came and I drew on the glass ... How can you not see this makes sense? 

Like I said .. Too random to really get upset with... 

It's amazing though the imagination in the two years four month old kids little head... 


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