Sunday, 12 July 2015

Words you shouldn't use!

So careful you have to be with the bumling now... What ever you prepared to hear him say it back... 

Also, as hilarious as it sounds coming from him... I have to be sure to not laugh about it too much... 

Here is why: 

Now, I'm essentially a person with very little patience.. And the one person who really pushes all limits of my patience is my maid... 

She will refuse to wring the wet clothes before hanging them to dry... She will refuse to put our shoes in the drawer.. She won't shift the center table to clean under it... No matter how many times I will tell her.. 

And so invariably, everyday i say this sentence to my mum " this stupid woman, again she hasn't done this and that" 

My mum doesn't care anymore.. But you know who's listening...! 

So the other day his toy cupboard wouldn't open... It's one of those glass doors with a magnet at the bottom.. You have to push it in to open it.. 

And he goes 

" this stupid tai has locked my cupboard" 

And he has this ridiculously adorable frown happening ... And he looks genuinely upset about this situation!!! 

Hmmmm... To laugh or not to laugh.. Oh I laughed!!!! 

And he said it again a bazillion times to get my reaction but I haven't called my maid a stupid since then!!!! 

Now while this was kinda ok... Because hey stupid isn't such a bad word but... f**k is! 

And I use it like a noun, verb, adjective, in between sentences.. Beginning of sentences end of sentences... Hello it's a versatile word ok! 

And in my defence I have started fudging it when i say it!!! 

But this one day... I decided to forever stop ( forever being a few days now) 

Aadi and I are watching TV and bumlings on the iPad... Suddenly something went wrong with the app he was watching and he goes " oh fuck... Oh shit! Oh fuck!" 

We have literally held our breaths so as to not laugh... And Aadi whispers to me " don't react ... Don't react baby.. Let this pass" 

And it did.. And we didn't laugh or shout or anything.. We just stared at the TV, didn't look at him even ... We just let it be. 

But oh my god!!!!!! 

Not only has he picked up the word.. He knows when to use it! Dammit! 

Luckily he hasn't used it since... And I think it's because we didn't react.. 

More often than not they do what they do to get a reaction from us... So when you don't say anything they think what they did was nothing, and so they won't repeat it... 

But don't be too sure... Parenting is one of those things where all tips and tricks change by the millisecond! 

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