Monday, 27 April 2015

Perks of hanging out with fellow Mommies and Daddies!!!

1. You can be late and they won't be upset! 

Leaving the house with a kid involves a lot of work... Pack their bags... Dress them up... Make sure they have eaten something because by the time you get to the restaurant and the food comes it takes a while... You change, get ready... And of course somedays there are little surprises like potty happened just as we're about to leave ... I remember this one time we were running really late for a lunch with other mommy daddy friends... and we had to stop to buy one of the kids a gift.... and our darling son gifted us with a diaper full of potty in the middle of the market....!!!!! So annoying.... but friends with kids get it!! In fact despite being so late we were the first ones there!!

2. Conversations are always abrupt!

Last sunday we went for lunch with friends whose little girl goes to school with siddy.... all thru the lunch i tried desperately to make adult conversation... but its so difficult when the kiddo keeps distracting you with random things.... So at one go you're all "Yes yes, that school's systems are all wrong... I don't think I'll send siddy there.... " to " stop stuffing your face with plain bread.. you may as well have the pizza no?!!!!" 

And its ok.. you don't get weird looks!!!

3. Plans can get cancelled!

Like one of my earlier posts of no plans are for certain.... with a toddler and his mood swings you can never be sure what your days are going to be like... Like the other day... after a long time aadi and i decided ok.. we're going to go for a run in the morning and get our routine started... so we wake up... me all grumpy as hell... but still i get ready, aadi gets ready and siddy decides today is the day to wake up at 6:45... just because... !! and did he stay awake? No no... he happily had his milk and passed right out... and Aadi and I were left having our coffee in our running clothes!!! Thats the thing about plans with toddlers around... its really never for certain....! 

4. Someone always has an extra diaper or a wipe!

This may seem funny to you non mums... but mommies will get this... you know how you pack and repack your baby's bag ... but invariably you forget something... now if you're out with non mums... you may have to either go to the closest shop to buy what you need or adjust with whats available in the washroom.... but when there are mommies around... you're sorted! The lunch we went for with two other couples...we were passing around wet wipes and toys and books ... anything that would make us sit together and continue chatting and keep the puddings happy!

5. Daddy's are more responsible...

Somehow, i don't know why and how... but daddy's somehow take charge a lot when you're out with other mommies and daddies.... Is it a guys thing? I don't know... but it sure is a very welcome breeze of fresh air... to be able to sit with the girls and chat and enjoy your glass of alcohol (really what does it matter which?!!!!) while your hubby runs behind the kids making sure they don't break anything!!

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