Thursday, 16 April 2015

Attention seeker

We had our cousin over the other day... Siddy has met him a few months ago but I'm not sure he really remembers him... But he was happy to see him as soon as he came home... 

And our cousin was very friendly with him... Playing with him chatting with him... Laughing at his silly things.. Bumling usually takes time with people but that day he started his drama almost immediately!! 

So what was funny that day was the level at which he demanded attention... 

At one point all of us, adults,were talking about something and for sometime we all moved our attention away from him... 

Me being me.. Was watching him to see how he would react..

So he's sitting on his truck and he pushed it to the center of the room and starts making these very strange faces...

Like rolling his eyes... Looking at you then blinking and looking away... Very i'm not interested in you either but whatever!!!! 

When we still didn't react... He started the music on his truck and started dancing!!

How .. How can a two year old be so attention seeking...?!!! It's crazy.. Yes I know all toddlers are like this.. But it's crazy no? 

To a point where sometimes if I'm working and he wants my attention he actually puts my screen down saying 

"no laptop Mumma" 

For a second I get so mad at him... But then I see his cheeky little smile and start playing with him!! 

Crazy kid!! 

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