Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Late night kisses!!

It's the small things that amaze me...

Like last night the bumling was sleeping with us and he was pushing it... I could see he was sleepy but he kept jumping around the bed saying

"Mumma I'm spider man!!!" 

His first reference to being a superhero... Such a boy thing no?!!! Such a grown up boy thing no?!! 

And later, once I had shut all the lights ... He rolled around cuddling me, cuddling Aadi... Kissing my cheek kissing Aadi's hands!!! 

And at one point, his eyes closed but still he wouldn't give it up... His tiny little hands were up in the air and he was waving them about pretending to wash them and singing softly...

'Wash your hands wash your hands with Mumma and with papa... '

And some other rambling too.. 

But it was soooo cute to see him do that... 

It's like he was putting himself to sleep! 

So I put my hand in his up in the air.. And he started playing with my hand... 

'Mumma hand.. So cute' 

Ha ha!!! And all this still in his sleep!! 

It's the most amazing thing to lie down next to him, put my hand around his little bum and pull him towards me and kiss his soft soft cheeks, his tiny little nose... And have him kiss me back... 

You suddenly realise how quickly this little baby is growing up... And like every parent over the last hundred million years has thought, you think too..

'will he let me hug him like this and kiss him like this as he grows up?!!!' 

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