Saturday, 11 April 2015

Playschool one year done!

Last Friday was the last day of my tiny little Bumling's playschool year. 

One full year. 

Oh my god! 

How can this be? How can that tiny little baby who curls up to me and can just about talk have finished an entire year in school?!!!! 

It's unbelievable... ! 

I got his report card today with his class photo... 

What an adorable picture... It's at the end of the post... 

Look at it and come back....:)

See.. See what a pookie he is... Smiling away and doing his own thing .. He's a dreamer you know... Always in a parallel world in his head... 

What is he doing passing thru school so fast?!!! 

He's in love with his class teacher... Rucha teacher... The one on the right... And she is in love with him!!! 

Everything is Rucha teacher this and Rucha teacher that.. And every picture on their facebook page has bumling sitting in her lap!

He's going to miss her when he goes to next class...

It's funny to think how he has created these bonds with someone apart from family... Its sweet actually... 

I had my own set of favorite teachers in school.. Three actually... One taught me geography ,one biology and one maths... All were my class teachers at some point or another too... They were the only ones who could look past my naughty side and see someone who would do ok with her life...

And naughty I was... Absent minded actually.. Honestly a whole lot like siddy.. I  had my own parallel world going on in my head all the time too.. I still do to be honest.. 

So when I see him like that it's nice because I know come what may.. He'll always have fun in his own head if nothing else..

I remember my mum telling me she would watch me walking home .. And I would be bobbing my head like I was either singing a song or talking to myself.. Which I did a lot of.. And so often I see siddy doing the same thing!!

So this is going to be a fun ride.. Seeing him grow up.. As mental as me!!  

I only hope that school diary he has got now... Doesn't come filled with remarks like mine did!!! Ha ha ha ha!! 

Hell I had to actually staple extra papers into the diary just because there was no more space for my teachers' remarks to me!!!! 

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