Friday, 13 March 2015

The day I became an Aunty!

Last evening i became and Aunty... Nope my brother hasn't yet had his baby.. And still here I am... An Aunty :( 

We were all at Jai club in Jaipur for dinner... And they have recently put up these bunch of slides, see saws and swings for the kids...

This I think is a fantastic idea.... Kids need a place to run around ... And between tables isn't that place .....  

So of course siddy went nuts when he saw all these fun things and insisted on going on each and everyone of them... 

There were a few kids playing as well and it was adorable to see him reacting to the kids... This little two year just loves seeing other kids around!! 

After sometime however the kids went for dinner and my poor baby felt so bad.. He kept saying " where are the children Mumma?" 

We tried distracting him with food and the iPad.. But nope.. He wanted to play with kids... 

He walked around, me following, till he saw a few older kids.. Two boys around 11 - 12 and a little girl of about 8 or 9 maybe.. 

So he ran behind them but the poor thing got no attention :( 

Finally after nearly wishing I was preggie with one more kid just so he would have some company, I took him back to our table..

After a while those same kids came to play on the slides... Siddy saw them and jumped off his chair.. 

Now there were about 6 or seven kids in the play area... So he was happy....while I  helped him climb on to all the slides and held him on the see saw.. The older of the two boys asked me if he can take siddy up the slide.. And he used the 'a ' word...

So no way was I giving my kid to a 'kid' especially one who had the audacity to call me an Aunty...........

I was like " no 'beta' thank you" 

But he didn't let up.. He kept saying "aunty only for two minutes.. Let me just hold him" 

Finally I said ok because honestly how many boys are ever interested in a little baby... 

Well this boy was soooo happy! For the next half an hour or so they played with siddy.. And siddy of course went nuts!! 

The full blown attention he was getting from the two boys and their little sister... He was in heaven!! 

I, of course, was paranoid.. So I kept following them, making sure they were holding him right ... Being gentle ... I mean after all they were just kids too..

It got to a point where they just didn't want to stop playing.. Siddy included.. We actually had to bribe siddy with ice cream and pay our bill and leave the club!! 

Then too they insisted on carrying him to the car.. Chatting him up while dad and Nitinbh paid the club bill and came to the car and even waited at the main gate for that one last goodbye!!! 

I am yet to see such adorable kids!!! 

While waiting in the parking lot the older kid named every car his father had ever owned along with the date of purchase to me.. Me who knows zilch about cars.. But it was so important for him to rattle off the names of his cars... It was too cute!!!

And my pudding had a fun screaming match with all of them which he enjoyed thoroughly!!! 

Oh what an evening!!! From wanting desperately to play with kids to having three insanely doting kids .. He had a fun evening!!

Me ..? 

I couldn't get over the "Aunty" 


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