Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Annual day!

It's siddy's annual day in school tomorrow....

Annual day of a two year old!!! 

The bumling is going to be dancing to Happy wearing glittery gold pants and a yellow t shirt... ( I think the whole point of an annual day is to dress the kids up in the funniest  possible clothes for our entertainment!!!) 

I remember my school annual days... I was (still am maybe!!) a full on performer!!!

I, not so secretly, love the idea of dancing and acting ( not as much as the dancing) but Ya... Oh my god... The rehearsals, the picking of the songs and steps ... The being with friends post school and weekends at someone's house dancing away!!! 

My class especially had the fully enthu cutlets..we would take part in every school program.. 

Republic day.. Yes
Independence Day...yes
Teacher say.. Yes
Children's day ... Yes

We just needed an excuse...! 

And we were damn good at it.. Mind you... !

I still remember... One of my friends was a bharatnatyam dancer and I mainly did western and so we choreographed a fusion on a song from the movie rangeela...

Man I wish I could find that cd somewhere! But, like any old person I will say, back then, we didn't have the ease of saving things onto laptops and things.. Heck we didn't even have our own laptops then.. Laptops were a luxury item!!! 

But the dancing and gossiping and laughing was priceless!!

What's really amazing is .. I still remember my mum and my friends mums doing a garba for one of our school functions... I still remember them in their ghagras doing their dance.. And here I am today... Doing the same for my kiddo!!! 

7 of us mums have got together and are dancing on two hindi film songs: aaja nachle and nagada.... 

Here too there is one mum who is a professional bharatnatyam dancer and one who has done Bollywood dancing and they are super hardcore... They even booked us a rehearsal hall and make up artist and hair stylist and have done our costume and all!!! 

I think girls just love to dress up and dance at any age!!

It's so amazing how tables have turned...from being the little kid who's mum was performing to being the mum who is dancing for her little kid! 

I used to be really happy to see my mum participate in our school dos ... So I really hope that later, as he grows up, even siddy enjoys it rather than gets embarrassed by it!!! 

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