Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A day in the life of a two year old!!

Every day is eventful with the pudding... Everyday we need something new to keep us entertained! 

We've started our park trips every evening...and that's great because all in all its a good two hours set! 

But there are those odd days we are stuck at home for some reason or another...

Like yesterday.. The road outside our building was blocked because of some construction... And the back gate is too tricky for me to get the car out from ... I know sounds like a kinda lousy excuse but hey... We are allowed occasional days off..

Luckily my maids kids, Yash and Prathmesh, whom siddy loves very much, had come to the building so he spent the whole afternoon running around with them.. So he got his sun!!

But we had a whole evening at home and we needed things to do 

Since the poor pudding was scratching his little head like a monkey... I decided to cut his hair... I really wanted to take him for a proper haircut.. But he seemed to be suffering the scratching so I went for it!!

He was so cute and and sat so well.. Except for the last little bit when he started to loose his patience.. So the front of his hair as you see is kinda messy!!

Then we decided to paint.. The only way to do what you want is to time it with him... I love sketching but when ever I start he comes to annoy me.. So now I give him his paints and brushes and paper and while he is having fun... I enjoy my sketching..!!

In my sketches I was drawing these circles so he thought of bubbles and next thing we know ... I'm making bubbles for the bumling and he's going nuts bursting them!! This is one of his favorite things to do!!! 

Then I went to put my clothes away and he found the iron and decided to iron the clothes!!! 

Finally we got down to some work.. So I took my laptop and gave him his iPad to do his work!!!

It's too much fun ... Finding new things to do with him.. But somedays he gets in these moods where he is just not happy with anything...those days are tough...

And somedays something as simple as dusting or driving his cars on every possible surface keeps him busy...! 

And now with the park happening ... It's great because then by the time he's back he's pretty tired to do too much else!!! 

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