Friday, 16 August 2013

Lists: going out bag

Packing the little one's going out bag is an event in itself!!! 

The first few times I invariably forgot something and needed just that when I was out!! Like a plastic bag to chuck the used diaper in, or a cover for his milk bottle!!! 

So here is my rather small but effective list for a few month old baby who isn't on solids yet:

1. Diapers 
2. Wipes
3. Changing mat (I use the quick dry sheer as it folds easily) 
4. Milk powder
5. Bottles- depending on how long I'm going to be out - one or two bottles.
6. Hot water - again depending on how long I'm going to be out and when his last feed happened. If it happened just before leaving I may not need super boiling water however if he ate a while ago and I know he could eat in the car itself i carry really hot water.
7. Covers for the bottle 
8. Bibs, at least two
9. Napkins, small and big
10. A couple of toys- his noisy rattle and a chewy toy.
11. A change of clothes
12. Socks and shoes depending on where we are going.
13. A plastic bag or two to throw the used diaper. 

All if these I try to leave in his bag so that its easier to not forget. But checking and re checking, going thru the list out loud to my husband, just incase I forget to mention something... Every time it's a process!!!! 

I'm sure as he grows older, I'll have to carry more toys and he will have his own preferences then! And ill have to carry his solids, so a few more boxes will be added! 

But as of now this list works for me!! 

This is his take out bag... It's super adorable... 

His dadi got this for him from Hyderabad ... It's super adorable and funnily it's all about the sea and he's a piscean!! 

But I want to switch to this one that my hubby got for me, so that I don't always look like a mommy mommy you know!!!

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