Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bed vs cot!!

I can safely say that this is the first time I have reached Jaipur and felt at home... My bed, my bathroom, my tv!!! Sid's bed, his changing table... Ahhhhhh!!!

As much as I loved being in Bombay with mommy and bro... Something about having your own space is incomparable... 

And Sid just set right in... Luckily the little fellow isn't too fussy... Any bed works for him.. Ac no Ac.. He's ok either way.. As long as he has me and his daddy!! 

But still first night in his own cot and he slept thru the night ... Yippee!!!! 

He more or less alternates between sleeping thru the night and waking up once... Which is good ... 

Having him sleeping in his own bed without kicking me is kinda great!!! I've heard horror stories about babies who get so used to sleeping in bed with you that they never ever get out... And they sleep all over you..

So when I was buying stuff for him before he was born a cot was top priority for me.... everyone said "oh you'll make your baby sleep away from you" (hawwwwww moment!!!) But I was quite adamant....

Because it's not easy to sleep when you know you have a little baby next to you... I body slept with Sid for a month and a half.. He literally slept on me... And then for another month and a half he slept in our bed... Aadi of course kept a few bolsters between them but between Sid and me there were no barriers.. Hence I got minimal sleep!!! 

The cot is the best thing I got... He loves it I love it... It's right near my bed so I can keep an eye on him, but its not my bed... And that makes a world of a difference!!! 

So home sweet home.. And cot zindabad!! 

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