Saturday, 10 August 2013

I'm his Mumma!!

So the other day Devi, the lady who works for us and sits with Sid once in a while if I want to eat dinner with the family, upon my entering the room told Sid "look your mamma is here" and he turned to look at me, took a millisecond and then smiled his super adorable smile!! 

Yup... Not only is he my son but I'm his mamma, and that feeling at that recognition that I got... Wow.. I actually can't define the feeling!! 

Because all this while I kept thinking of him as my son, my baby boy... But never really looked at it as me being his mum! 

A little tot who brings sunshine in everyone's life... For him I am one of the two most, most important people... What a feeling of pride! 

I remember I used to tell Aadi when we met, that I didn't care if girls flirted with him because I knew that he would be going home with me at the end of the night... Similarly when I see everyone going crazy playing with Sid and being so happy around him, I sit back quietly because I know that at night  he is curling up to me and sleeping in my arms...

Because I'm his mumma!!! 

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