Monday, 19 August 2013

Bum sniffing!!

The only thing I still, after six months, find icky is potty cleaning!!! 

Ha ha!! 

I never really thought about it when I was pregnant... And the first few weeks Aadi fully took charge and handled the nappy changing along with his and my mum.... So the first few times when I took on the task I was gagging!!!! 

And I still do!!

Luckily for us, in Jaipur, we have a maid only to wash his clothes and cloth nappies... But when I went to stay with my mum I had to do it a couple of times.... And I have to seriously say.. A bazillion thanks to the guy who invented diapers!!! Getting poop off cloth nappies is just eeeewwwww!!! 

And as we changed his diet from breast milk to powdered milk to solids.. Oh my god!!! Who knew poop came in such varying colours and smells?!!!! Stop crinkling your nose... You know having a baby means randomly sniffing your baby's bum in public!!! 

It just becomes second nature... You don't even think about it... Hell sometimes I actually hallucinate the poop smell and go crazy sniffing his bum or checking the room for used diapers I may have forgotten to chuck!!! 

These are the days you have to remind yourself how much, just how very much, you love that little bumling!!!! 


  1. :-) Enjoy all those wonderful moments when he is all yours. Thanks for those lovely comments on my blog post and I am touched. Have fun with your little bumling :-)

    1. Thanks Shanthi....I absolutely will!!

      And I really enjoy your blog!!