Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Alone time!

The best way to enjoy the little one is all alone!!! 

When we are all together no one is sure who he is laughing at or who he is listening to... And each of us wants to hold him or walk with him... When he is in someone  else's arms he looks so cute smiling at you, that you just feel like snatching him up and taking him away!!! 

Our house is a full house... And if you count the servants it's beyond capacity!!! And each of us wants alone time with the little one! 

It's really sweet how in the mornings granny will call for him while everyone else is still asleep so she can make him laugh! 

How Ma will take him to the temple post breakfast... Or rock him to sleep in the afternoons!! 

How dad will enjoy him in the afternoon when Ma is napping and Aadi and I are out... Whispering fun stuff in his ears making him giggle!! 

How Nitinbh will speak to him in Chinese and he will answer him in his gibberish language!!

How Puran will sing him old Hindi film songs!!! 

Even Devi loves the few times I leave her with him alone, during lunch or dinner time... She sings him some really funny Nepali songs!!! 

Back in Bombay, mum would take him in the mornings, so I could sleep, and would play with him rather than read the papers!! 

Akshai would put him on his bed and play before going to work and would come back early to spend the evening with him! 

But Aadi and I... We get a few alone times with him!! My favourites are when in the afternoons we cuddle up to him and put him to sleep and in the nights when he plays and giggles and rolls around in bed before sleeping!! 

My alone alone time with him is in the mornings before the massage lady comes (if granny hasn't taken him!!) and a few mid night feeds he wakes up for, when I get to hold him and kiss him and rock him to sleep... Those few minutes, it's just him and me!! 

There is something magical about a baby that makes you want his full attention on you! 


  1. And when the baby is as adorable as him... who would not!! :)
    Hugs to the little one.. he's got a killer smile!