Sunday, 30 August 2015

Questioning the little pudding!

1.   Favorite Color: Red
2.   Favourite room : Kitchen 
3.   Best friend : Nikki 
4.   Favourite song: Uptown funk!
5.   Favourite animal : Cow 
6.   Favourite cartoon: Dora 
7.   Favourite book: Tractor book
8.   Favourite Toy: The blue ball
9.   Favourite Fruit: Banana
10. Favorite Drink: Orange Juice
11. Favorite Animal: Tiger
12. Favourite Food: Rice and curd

Cake or Ice cream : Ice Cream
Noodles or Rice: Rice
Cars or Motorbike : Motorbike
Dancing or Singing : Dancing!

And my favourite question: 

Hugs or kisses.... after both were demonstrated a hundred times by me... he picked:


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