Saturday, 22 August 2015

How we did it!

One of the biggest questions in everyone's mind is how did we do it? 

How did we vacation without the baby? 

Eight days people.. We took off for a full eight days.. Just the two of us... Without a care in the world... 

And the only way we could do that was because ---- here it is--- pay close attention now--- because of our parents


Like I have always said... If you want to have a baby .. Make sure you have your parents around and make sure they are happy with you!!!!  

Ha ha ha ha!! 

No, but seriously... 

It is the only way you can ever consider doing this.. Taking time off.. Vacationing just like before... something we always tell people who want to become parents right? "oh things will never be like before" ummm... they can be!

Now a days I think, because of that " we are independent individuals" and the whole " please ma you have no idea how to look after a baby anymore" " my way is the best way" thought process we end up alienating our parents from our kids.. 

It's terrible... 

Kids need grandparents... they will  experience a kind of love that's just beyond compare... And trust me, grandparents need their grand kids... It makes them younger and happier like nothing else can...

I have known this little secret from day one.. If you nurture this relationship.. You will always get time off... Stress free!!! 

I know that these nannies and nurses are all very competent and very in sync with the new age parenting methods... and I'm not taking away from the couples who don't have a choice... maybe their parents live in other cities or worse other countries.. or are too old to help... but in general I would personally pick a grandparent to look after the pudding than a nurse or a nanny. 

That would be stress free for me... because as many indulgences they might entertain... I know that they will always have the kids best interest... and no one else could possibly love your kid as much.... and for me that is most important...  

So even if you're parents stay away from you.. go visit them often or have them over often... let the kids know them... if they are out of town too... make sure summer diwali winter any kind of vacation the kids should want to go visit them.... 

I remember my childhood... weekends were always at my nana nani's home with my cousins...where we would go the beach or spend nights playings cards... and bigger vacations meant going to pune to my granny's place with cousins from the other side... we stayed in a very quiet part of pune where we could run around with no  worry in the world and ate mangoes like they were getting over!!! and trust me i wouldn't exchange that for any other kind of childhood... the memories and relationships I built then... incredible!

and what did my parents do while I was out enjoying my childhood... they probably chilled like never before!!!

So thats how i did it... I made him fall madly in love with my mum and aadi's parents... and then I ran away to London with my boyfriend/husband/father of my son and had a blast!! 

We walked around hand in hand, danced all night (well at least till the last train left the city to get to Langley!!) shopped peacefully, lounged in hyde park... drank for most part of the day, chatted away.... and all the while not one real thought about "is he ok... is he missing us? " nothing. 

Thats doesn't mean we didn't miss him.. we missed him incredibly once a day.. and usually when we saw some adorable boy running around or another... but no worry.

And he was good too... he was with people he loved in jaipur... meeting more people (cousins of ours came to visit him in jaipur) who would love him and make him the center of attraction, just how he likes it... and for the three days he was in bombay with mum, his darling mamu and mami came visiting... then he visited them and his little brother... So overall he was good!!

Hmmmmm ya, we can totally do this annually... next year maybe we can increase it to around 10-12 days... what do you think?!!!!

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