Thursday, 20 August 2015

10 things about my 2.5 year old!

1. He's talking non stop now... Tells us stories even... What he did in school.. Who his friends are.. It's non stop chatter!! There are days he goes into gibberish still.. But I think he does it purposely..! He likes our reactions to his silliness! 

2. He's grown tall.. So tall ...  He's growing out of all his clothes... His pants are too short.. And shirts show his little tummy!! We've got many pairs of shoes he's only worn like twice or thrice.. 

3. He's pretty potty trained... Well atleast 85% which isn't too bad!! He's got his first set of undies.. Avenger ones.. With hulk and captain America!! He loves them!!! 

4. He has friends .. His school friends and his building friends.. He understands what the word friend means! He calls his building friends " my boys"!!!! And he fist bumps them all when he goes down to play... He also get upset when they don't give him much attention.. Well they are 8 and he is 2.5!!!! 

5. He has and displays feelings... Including tantrums!! He gets upset and happy and shy and shows all those emotions in such a grown up way... It's not all just various kinds of cries that you try to decipher... It's actual words and feelings and emotions.. And he has quite a wide spectrum for a toddler! 

6. He loves singing and dancing. Oh he loves it! Uptown funk with his dad.. Man that kid can dance .. I mean, ya its in his genes... But still .. The love for it is crazy! Any beat on TV any form of music and he starts dancing to it!!! There are evenings he will ask for his music on either of our phones and say " let's dance papa" and then the top will go around the house bouncing to it!!! 

7. He loves curd rice... South Indian he is  like his dadi! No, but really.. There are days he'll pick curd rice over anything .. Rotis, chicken, daal, pizza even!! I think it's his comfort food!

8. He sleeps on his own... Rolling around the bed till he passes out... The biggest blessing off life if i may say so myself! All I need to do is switch off the light and stop talking and next thing you know he's rolling on my tummy on my face all over the bed and then suddenly he isn't.. And I look at him and he's passed out! 

9. He plays quietly.. With his cars and his veggies.. You know this is such a great thing especially when you work from home.. Times when I need to focus and keep him busy.. I pull out his cars or plastic veggies and he sits quietly and plays... He'll talk to himself and his toys and sometimes come over to me with a plate of fried corn or coffee in a cup!! But otherwise he just does his own thing!! 

10. He knows what love is and expresses it! Somedays he will just come up to you and kiss you and hug you and make you feel like he most special person in the whole wide world!!!  It's incredible... How much love he feels for you.. He even crushed you with his hugs!!! And smashes your cheeks in with his kisses!!! It's adorable!! 

This age, this phase is probably my most favourite... Because he talks, he asks for things, he reacts, he over acts, he can do a lot on his own, but he still needs me... 

He's still young enough for me to bully him into kissing me and hugging me... But old enough to eat some meals on his own! 

He does and says the funniest of things and even though he understands everything.. He's still a little baby somewhere in there! 

It's a really fun and funny age.. And I hope it lasts for a little longer!!! 

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