Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Kids who go down to play!

The sound of kids playing meant nothing to me a few years ago.... I didn't care for it at all... in fact there were days i would hate it... but today... every time i hear this little squeal, this little laugh... i run to my window... just to see his tiny little face scrunched up in laughter... or him running (read hopping) behind all the other kids....

he loves going down to play... he gets lazy about it before he actually goes (gone on his mum there i think!!!) he fights it everyday....

But once he's down... he runs around and shouts in glee!!!

And going down and playing is really something i encourage... not just for my sanity... but for him..

He gets some fresh air... he gets to really use his body... he gets to meet and interact with other kids of various ages ....

He runs behind the older boys.. They hi fi and fist bump him... he sits and chats with the little girls, makes them giggle... plays with Preeti, his nanny...

He gets to meet all the doggies who come for their evening walk.. he gets to play with sticks and make up stories about the forest like mangrove in front of our house...

He really gets to experience a sense of freedom and being young like nothing else... We are blessed with having a house which is the last and only building in a dead end... we have no cars coming there really and the kids can all ride their bikes on the road (with adult supervision of course)

I wasn't a very outdoorsy kinda girl.. I'm still not... camping and mountains aren't really my thing... I'm more of a beach bum... never move kinda girl... i remember my brother used to be out all day playing with the kids in the area... running, skating, bicycling... i on the other hand spent my days in my room pretending to be a dancer or a cook or a magician and all sorts of other strange and funny things.... If you ever saw me out it was because my mum had thrown me out...

And i don't want that for siddy at all... being a boy, i have a feeling he might have way too much energy to stay home, but still i really hope he loves being out...

Luckily Aadi was a very run around, play basketball cricket kind of guy.... he loved cycling and playing with the boys... so hopefully siddy will get it from him....!

But till he starts actually playing games... I will enjoy standing near the window and watch him hop around the other kids... enjoying himself...!

Funny Story 01:

His bike is kinda big for him to be able to peddle... his feet reach, but he can't actually peddle (mum, don't you dare say anything about this bike)

anyhow... point is he loves this bike, and it has an arm rest... So what he does is he sits back with his arms well rested while Preeti well, pushes him around!!

its hilarious how all the other nannies tell me "your son sits like one king and gets pushed around"!!!!!

ha ha ha ha!!

Funny story 02:

He has this blue ball that all the kids seem to like a lot... so Preeti told me, the other day while he was on his cycle. the big boys took the ball and started playing foot ball.. when he saw them he got off the cycle and went to them to play, but because they were really kicking the ball around, they told him to stand back, the genuinely didn't want him to get hurt... what does mister do?

He picks up his ball, frowns and tells Preeti " lets go home" and he actually came up!!!!

Hilaroius no?!!

Its good... for all of you who have met siddy know he's very soft with people, almost gets bullied around... so its good he's learning to be assertive... and just to be nice, i sent a box of popcorn down for all the kids the next day... so he learnt to share as well!!!

So you see, going down and playing is good... for everyone!!!!!!

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