Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Yayie!!! Got Nominated for the Liebster Award...!

When I started blogging my sole reason was to chronicle my life with the biggest miracle of my life... It was really something very personal... but slowly i started sharing it... with family and friends... and next thing i know... I met random people, whom I know vaguely thru some social platform or another and they come and tell me how much they enjoy my posts... how adorable my bumling is... 

and its a strange warm fuzzy feeling.... I have no clue how to take compliments, so i blush and give them my oddest smile...! 

but yup... inside I'm dancing like a a unicorn on a rainbow!!!

So imagine how i felt when i got a comment from Charu at Mutter n Tochter saying she was nominating me for the Liebster Award!! I had often seen this award on mommy blogs I read.. and always thought "Wow... someone really appreciates this blog and this bloggers work.. must be some kinda awesome!" 

So first of thank you Charu... for making me feel some kinda awesome... especially to have it come from someone who's blog has been on my bookmark list for a while now..!!! Her blog is a one stop for everything you needed to know about things from activities with your bubba, recipes advice and gossip!! 

So here are the rules for the Liebster award:

Thank the nominating blogger
Display the award in a blog entry
List the award guidelines so your nominees will know what to do
Answer questions from the nominating blogger
Nominate your blogger friends for the award
Give your nominees questions to answer
The award is intended to help new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers to get the attention they deserve.
Here are my answers to Charu's questions:
1. What do you consider as your happy place?
My happy place needs to have all my crafty things my husband and my bumling and lots of books and a TV and oh ya lots of food!!! Any place with all of these becomes my happy place!
2. 5 Words that describe you the best
Crafty... a bit mad, happy, affectionate and short tempered!
3. A dream that you would like to see tonight?
To be able to read my entire Harry Potter or Bartimaeus series with lots of Chinese food and Dia wine all night with no one bugging me... and most definitely, the TV has to be on.... for background sound!!
4. Your fav song/book/movie and why?
Sounds cliche but there really are too many. And each book, each song is depends on my mood... 
Currently George Ezra tops my song list, re reading Harry Potter and last movie i loved was SecondHand Lions... awesome stuff!!
5. One secret of being a successful blogger…
I don't know if I can truly answer this because I'm not sure if I fall under that category (yet!!) But I think to be a successful blogger you need to be consistent and active on as many social platforms as there are... and you need to be an extrovert whenever you can be... while you can happily blog from the safety of you home, to be really successful you need to be out there... something i'm learning slowly but surely!!
My Nominations and my Questions :)
1. Subha -http://myikatlove.blogspot.in/
Someone who's blog was an initial inspiration for me to get into blogging!
2. Shenaz- http://shenazwahidblog.com/
A beautiful writer and a beautiful person!!
3. Janhavi - http://mommyblunderstoo.blogspot.in/
My Go to Mommy for everything!!!
4. ArtsyCraftsyMom - http://artsycraftsymom.com/
The most fun colorful comprehensive blog i have seen!

5. Vidyashree - https://thestoreyhouse.wordpress.com/
There is one post as of now... but the things you can expect from her blog are going to be amazing!!


1. If you could spend a day anywhere in the world, where would you go?

2.  A person you can't imagine life without...

3. If you were to write a book, what would you call it?

4. Whats your favorite time to blog in the day?

5. If you could have a face to face interview with someone, anyone in the whole world, living today, who would it be?!

Alright then!!

Got that done... took me a few days to pen all this down... but it feels pretty awesome!!

I honestly have no clue really how this whole thing works... its not like there is some actual award, I think the whole point is to acknowledge the work of your fellow bloggers whom you admire... Im always happy to do that!!

Also its some thing like a chain letter... I'm not a big fan of chain letters... but I think this is a fun way of getting to know more bloggers.. :)

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