Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The tantrum thrower!!

Kid tantrums are the funniest... Toddler tantrums especially... 

More than them looking hilarious their reasons for throwing tantrums are more hilarious... 

But bumling being bumling took it to a whole new level the other day.. 

So we are in my room and I'm folding all the washed clothes to put away... A task I anyway loath...  And what does he do? He tries to help.. By unfolding every single item I had folded.. 

One time I let it go.. Second time I let it go.. Laughed a little even.. Because hey it was kinda cute because he knew he was messing with me and would actually put his hand on each pile threatening to ruin he folding!!! But by the third time I was upset... So I yelled at him.. 

Actually I just raised my voice a little bit and sternly told him to stop it... 

Mr starts pretend crying and throwing all the clothes on the floor and stomping his feet and all in all he threw a classic tantrum..

Suddenly he noticed he was standing in front of the mirror.. 

So he continues looking at himself and pretend crying.. And when I say pretend crying i mean he is actually going " wah wah" 

Now he's forgotten all about me and the clothes and the rascal is actually checking out how he cries... I come up behind him in the mirror and watch him.. And he's loving it... He's loving the faces he is making .. 

He raises his eye brows, scrunches his nose, frowns at himself.. Opens his mouth wide open ... It's hilarious!!! 

I mean seriously how fake can a tantrum be? Well that fake I guess!!!